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Company name: Derivative Trading Systems Ltd

Products & Services made or distributed:  calculators, financial markets, historical data, treasury software, Trading, Room, Systems, Corporate, Treasury, Products, Corporate, Treasury, Applications, Market, Applications, Risk, Management, Software, Financial, Applications, Analytics, Applications, Excel, Applications, Market, Analytics, Market, Analysis, Trade, Analysis, Horizon, Derivative, Trading, Systems, Volatility, Analysis, Analysis, Tool, Market, Prices, Market, Data, Historical, Data, Historical, Databases, Volatility, Data, Historic, Data, Historic, Databases, Options, Pricing, Financial, Instruments, Currencies, Spot, Rates, Exchange, Rates, FX, Dealers, Derivative, Traders, Derivative, Analysts, Derivative, Marketers, Corporate, Treasurers, Private, Investors, Risk, Managers, Quantitative, Analysts, Finance, Directors, Investment, Banks, Brokers, Financial, Institutions, F/X, Derivatives, Interest, Rate, Swaps, Interest, Rate, Forwards, Options, Bonds, Fixed, Income, Interbank, Yield, Curves, Black, Scholes, Garch, Derived, Information, Zero, Coupon, Forward-Forward, Spreads, Correlation, Term, Structures, Analytics, Graphics, Graphs, Implied, Volatility, Volatilities, Calculators, Components, Statistics, Financial Markets, Banking, Corporate Treasury, Foreign Exchange, FX and Money Markets, Capital Markets, Financial Software House, Banking Software, Treasury Systems, Trading Systems, Trading Room Systems, Corporate Treasury Products, Corporate Treasury Applications, Market Applications, Risk Management Software, Financial Applications, Analytics Applications, Excel Applications, Market Analytics, Market Analysis, Trade Analysis, Horizon, Derivative Trading Systems, Volatility Analysis, Analysis Tool, Market Prices, Market Data, Historical Data, Historical Databases, Volatility Data, Historic Data, Historic Databases, Options Pricing, Financial Instruments, Currencies, Spot Rates, Exchange Rates, FX Dealers, Derivative Traders, Derivative Analysts, Derivative Marketers, Corporate Treasurers, Private Investors, Risk Managers, Quantitative Analysts, Finance Directors, Investment Banks, Brokers, Financial Institutions, F/X, Derivatives, Interest Rate Swaps, Interest Rate Forwards, Options, Bonds, Fixed Income, Interbank Yield Curves, Black Scholes, Garch, Derived Information, Zero Coupon, Forward-Forward, Spreads, Correlation, Term Structures, Analytics, Graphics, Graphs, Implied Volatility, Volatilities, Calculators, Components, Statistics, Financial markets, Banking, Corporate treasury, Foreign exchange, FX and money markets, Capital markets, Financial software house, Banking software, Treasury systems, Trading systems, Trading room systems, Corporate treasury products, Corporate treasury applications, Market applications, Risk management software, Financial applications, Analytics applications, Excel applications, Market analytics, Market analysis, Trade analysis, Horizon, Derivative trading systems, Volatility analysis, Analysis tool, Market prices, Market data, Historical data, Historical databases, Volatility data, Historic data, Historic databases, Options pricing, Financial instruments, Currencies, Spot rates, Exchange rates, FX dealers, Derivative traders, Derivative analysts, Derivative marketers, Corporate treasurers, Private investors, Risk managers, Quantitative analysts, Finance directors, Investment banks, Brokers, Financial institutions, F/X, Derivatives, Interest rate swaps, Interest rate forwards, Options, Bonds, Fixed income, Interbank yield curves, Black scholes, Garch, Derived information, Zero coupon, Forward-forward, Spreads, Correlation, Term structures, Analytics, Graphics, Graphs, Implied volatility, Volatilities, Calculators, Components, Statistics, financial markets, banking, corporate treasury, foreign exchange, fx and money markets, capital markets, financial software house, banking software, treasury systems, trading systems, trading room systems, corporate treasury products, corporate treasury applications, market applications, risk management software, financial applications, analytics applications, excel applications, market analytics, market analysis, trade analysis, horizon, derivative trading systems, volatility analysis, analysis tool, market prices, market data, historical data, historical databases, volatility data, historic data, historic databases, options pricing, financial instruments, currencies, spot rates, exchange rates, fx dealers, derivative traders, derivative analysts, derivative marketers, corporate treasurers, private investors, risk managers, quantitative analysts, finance directors, investment banks, brokers, financial institutions, f/x, derivatives, interest rate swaps, interest rate forwards, options, bonds, fixed income, interbank yield curves

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Contact Info

Address: 112 - 114 Goswell Road



Postal Code:EC1V7DP

Country: United Kingdom

Telephone: 44.0.2076.89

Fax: 44.0.2076.89

Sales contacts:

Company Profile

Brief description: Derivative Trading Systems Ltd develops and distributes analytical software tools since 1992.

Extended description: Derivative Trading Systems Ltd specializes in developing and supplying analytical software tools for financial applications. Their products include Horizon Premium and Horizon Lite.

Trade references:

Special information:

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