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Bayland Products Inc specializes in manufacturing buffing compounds and buffing wheels with metal finishing products for metal finishing industry since 1991.

Bayland Products Inc   Rockaway  United States
Bayland Products Inc manufactures buffing compounds and buffing wheels with metal finishing products for metal finishing industry. Their products include belt lube, buffing machines, Hercules euro buffers, pinnacle robotic buffing cells, pinnacle robotic belt polishing cells, baldor buffing motors, flexible shafts, buffing compound applicators, bar compound applicators, etc.

Bicycle Research Tools specializes in manufacturing and distributing bike and bicycle tool.

Bicycle Research Tools   Concord  United States
Bicycle Research Tools manufactures and distributes bike and bicycle tool. Their products include headset cup press, bearing punch, cartridge bb handle, brake boss mill, chaining straightener, chain line checking tool, frame block, etc. , their government agencies include probation, parole departments, state departments of corrections, the federal bureau of prisons, federal probation and pretrial, department of homeland security, juvenile divisions, state and municipal courts, and counties across the united states and world. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Carlson Filtration manufactures and distributes filtration equipment and filtration media since 1923.

Carlson Filtration    United Kingdom
Carlson Filtration specializes in manufacturing and distributing filtration equipment and filtration media. Their products include depth filter sheet, lenticular filters, new filtration equipment, spare parts and servicing, reconditioned filtration equipment, process filter cartridges, mineral oil filters, etc. their application include marine and power, wines and spirits, beers and lagers, toiletries and cosmetics, chemicals, fast food, etc.

Chem and Lube manufactures lubricant products for industrial needs since 1970.

Chem and Lube    United States
Chem and Lube specializes in manufacturing lubricant products for industrial needs. The company product includes degreasers, food grade, greases, gear oils, compressor fluids, specialties, coolants, circulating oils, hydraulic fluids, rust preventives, etc.

DeWitt Inc. provides its customer with petroleum product sales and service for over 50 years.

DeWitt Inc.    United States
DeWitt Inc. provides customers with commercial fueling network, bulk fuels and networks. DeWitt Inc. supplies to Chevron and Shell lubricants. The company also provides products like fuel and oil additives, military spec oils, refrigerants, coolants, and oil analysis programs.

Diversified Compound Products is a manufacturer of protective skin creams and mole repellants for both industry and retail consumption.

Diversified Compound Products   Cincinnati  United States
Diversified Compound Products specializes in manufacturing protective skin creams and mole repellants for both industry and retail consumption. Their products include man-o, glove cote 720, garden glove, gun glove, no more moles, fisherman glove, spongemate, etc.

Echo Distributing Ltd. supplies industrial products and lubricants for over 10 years.

Echo Distributing Ltd.   Brantford  Canada
Echo Distributing Ltd. products include industrial lubricants, cutting/metal fluids, filters and abrasives, hydraulic safety fluids, grease products and cleaning products.

Etna Products Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors within the STEELHIDE product line.

Etna Products Inc.    United States
Etna Products Inc. produces lubricants and related products like: oil based rust preventatives, soluble oil based, semi-synthetic based, synthetic based, and solvent based. The company is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Janed Enterprises Inc specializes in manufacturing chemicals since 1972.

Janed Enterprises Inc    United States
Janed Enterprises Inc manufactures variety of chemicals. Their products include aqueous cleaning, acid and neutral cleaners, alkaline cleaners, aluminum safe cleaners, vibratory finishing, phosphating and chemical treatment, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers and rinse aids, metal forming fluids, , synthetic, semi synthetic, oil based, coolants, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000.

Kerr Valve and Industrial Supplies Ltd is a distributor of valve products since 1982.

Kerr Valve and Industrial Supplies Ltd    South Africa
Kerr Valve and Industrial Supplies Ltd specialize in distributing valve products in south africa. Their products include balancing valves, butterfly valve, auto air vents, float valves, ball valves, air vent, gauge glass columns, gaskets, hoses, thermometers, threaded rods, wooden rings, tools, rawl bolts, pipe brackets, insulation, etc.

Mt. Penn Tool and Machine Co Inc specializes in providing carbide tooling for steel industries since 1979.

Mt. Penn Tool and Machine Co Inc   Southampton  United States
Mt. Penn Tool and Machine Co Inc provides carbide tooling for steel industries. Their products include marvel sawing machines, blades, coolants and lubricants, metal sawing, carbide cutting tools, abrasives, etc.



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