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Aico Group specializes in manufacturing selling, and exporting specialty chemical products in India and abroad.

Aico Group    India
Aico Group focus on chemicals like textiles chemicals, paper chemicals, sizing chemicals, antistatic oils and softeners, bleaching auxiliaries, processed foods like jeera rice, basmati rice, aloo muttter, etc. , agro products like bio organic fertilizer, and herbs, pharmaceuticals like glycine technical, sodium starch glycolate, herbal tablets, etc. , and dyes and intermediates like mono chloro acetic acid, resist - salt, meta amino acetanilide, etc. Aico Group products serve leather, paper, cosmetics, oil-fields, sugar, food, dairy, detergents markets, and many more. Aico Group has also got international clients mainly in USA, Middle East and Far East.

Allchem Laboratories specializes in manufacturing specialty intermediaries and fine chemicals.

Allchem Laboratories    India
Allchem Laboratories manufactures chemicals like heterocyclic amines, nitriles, aryl/aliphatic amine, aryl/aliphatic amine, carbonyl compounds, miscellaneous products like alcohols, halides, nitro compound, sulphur compounds, phenols. Allchem Laboratories specializes in offering custom synthesis and contract research in gram to tones quantity.

Alpha Aromatics is a manufacturer of fragrance products for 10 years.

Alpha Aromatics   Fox Chapel  United States
Alpha Aromatics specializes in providing fragrance products. Their products includes bath and body products, lotions and soaps, hair and skin care, deodorant and hygiene products, spa and wellness products, cosmetics, candles, polymers and fragrance carriers luminettes, etc.

Applied Analytics Inc specializes in manufacturing on line process analyzers and sampling systems for a variety of production and environmental application.

Applied Analytics Inc    United States
Applied Analytics Inc manufactures on line process analyzers and sampling systems for a variety of production and environmental application. They provide analyzers, primarily for the chemical, petrochemical, power generation and pharmaceutical industries. They offers complete solution applications include sulfur recovery and air demand tail gas, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, sulfur dioxide, aromatics, on line monitoring of glycol, polymerization inhibitors, chlorine, water, metal ions, ammonia and fully automated and certified sampling systems.

B and B Bedding Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying landscape materials and livestock bedding since 1984.

B and B Bedding Inc    
B and B Bedding Inc manufactures and supplies landscape materials and livestock bedding. Their products include hardwood bark mulch, color enhanced mulches, aromatic cedar mulch, western red cedar mulch, cypress mulch, pine needle mulch, utility mulch, etc.

Bioforce specializes in distributing natural health products since 1923.

Bioforce    ,,
Bioforce distributes natural health products. Their products include natural remedies, health food, health literature, body care, aromaforce, biotta, bio strath, herbavita, natur, etc.

Challenger Oceanic is a manufacturer of deep sea oceanographic instrumentation like particle samplers, water samplers, sediment traps, sensors and spectrometers.

Challenger Oceanic   Haslemere  United Kingdom
Challenger Oceanic other products include: sediment profiling sensors, gamma spectrometers, mass spectrometers and various pumps, pressure tubes, and other electronics items. Challenger Oceanic was an associate partner in the MAST III ARAMIS project, sub contractor on the SEABEE project and the HAB BUOY project.

CNI produces acacia gum products for more than 100 years.

CNI    France
CNI specializes in producing acacia gum products. The other product includes fibregum, oenogum for specific food applications, essential oils emulsions and aromatic bases for beverage emulsion, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

Deep Green is an independent environmental contractor specialized in, in site, on site and off site treatment of soils and similar materials by thermal desorption, for the past 16 years.

Deep Green   Bruxelles  Belgium
Deep Green performs the treatment of soils and specific industrial wastes contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, PAH`s, cyanides, pesticides, PCB`s, explosives, chlorinated solvents, with a view to re use the cleaned materials in a valuable way. The company`s security, environment and quality procedures have been audited by DNV.

Dhopeshwar Engineering Pvt Ltd manufactures and distributes variety of processing equipments since 1960.

Dhopeshwar Engineering Pvt Ltd    India
Dhopeshwar Engineering Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying processing equipments for industrial applications. Their products include jatropha bio diesel plant, aloevera processing plant, bleaching powder processing plant, gomuthra purification, distillation plan, and rekated accessories like blenders, mixers, special purpose aluminium tanks, etc.

Eagle Marketing Inc. provides products for international market since 1980.

Eagle Marketing Inc.    United States
Eagle Marketing Inc. products include maxi mizer automotive products which includes maxi miser fuel treatments and metal base lubricants, beerich natural honey bee pollen products and perfume originals products.

Ellen`s Essentials is a supplier of soaps and soap making products.

Ellen`s Essentials    United States
Ellen`s Essentials provides with bargain bin, bath bomb essentials, botanicals and herbs, bottles, bulk buys, cello bags and ties, clays, dyes peacock dyes, emulsifiers, essential oils, fixed oils, butters and waxes, flavor oils, fragrances, heat seal packaging, jars and pots, lip balm goodies, micas, pigments, etc.

Emco Chemical Distibutors Inc supplies industrial and specialty chemical products.

Emco Chemical Distibutors Inc    United States
Emco Chemical Distibutors Inc specializes in marketing industrial and specialty chemical products. Their product includes acids, acids of food grade, alcohols, aldehydes and ethers, aliphatic hydrocarbons, alkalies, aromatic hydrocarbons, amines, carbonates, chelating agents, chlorinated solvents, clorinated solvent replacements, etc.

Fiton Technologies Corp. is a environmental remediation firm, in Canada.

Fiton Technologies Corp.    Canada
Fiton Technologies Corp. has the worldwide license to use the Fiton process, a breakthrough bioremediation technology called biocatalysis, to remove a wide spectrum of contaminants in soil, sediments, sludges, water and a variety of industrial effluents. The company operates remediation programs in numerous countries including Canada, USA and Bermuda.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co manufactures instruments and thermal conductivity since 1935.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co   Bethlehem  United States
Gow-Mac Instrument Co designs, and manufactures thermal conductivity detectors. They are specialized for products such as gas chromatographs, binary gas analyzers, process instrumentation, custom, applicated instrumentation, gas handling equipment, and gas leak detectors.

Indo World Trading Corporation is a distributor of variety of natural herbal products for various industries since 1976.

Indo World Trading Corporation   New Delhi  India
Indo World Trading Corporation specializes in distributing variety of natural herbal products for various industries. Their products include botanical herbs, herbs extracts, essential oils, alkaloids, dehydrates, spices and oleo resins, health food ingredients, natural colours, etc.

Jacob Stern and Sons Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural products such as vegetable oil and other industrial chemical products.

Jacob Stern and Sons Inc    United States
Jacob Stern and Sons Inc specialize in manufacturing and distributing agricultural products. They also provide variety of vegetable oil and animal fat based oleochemicals, flavor and fragrance chemicals and other industrial chemical products.

Lumber for specializes in providing sitka and white spruce guitar book sets, tone wood and piano sound boards.

Lumber for    United States
Lumber for provides sitka and white spruce guitar book sets, tone wood and piano sound boards. Their other products include guitar wood, dulcimer and harp wood, archtop guitar, archtop mandolin blocks and wedges, quarter sawn brace wood, pine and cedar log cabin timbers and cants, hardwoods, etc.

Polymerupdate provides information and update prices of Polymer and petrochemicals.

Polymerupdate   Mumbai  India
Polymerupdate specializes in providing information and update prices of Polymer and petrochemicals. Their products include crude oil, naphtha, aromatics, olefins, polyolefins, commodity polymers, feedstocks and petrochemical intermediates.

The Sherwin-Williams Company produces and supplies products for industrial and marine coating purposes.

The Sherwin-Williams Company    United States
The Sherwin-Williams Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing products EnviroLastic Polyurea Products for industrial and marine coating purposes. Few of their models are EnviroLastic AR200 HD, EnviroLastic AR425, EnviroLastic AR520 PW, EnviroLastic AR520 SS, EnviroLastic JS80 SL, etc.

Yancheng Hongtai Bioengineering Co Ltd produces various kinds of food additives such as lactic acid, calcium lactate, ethyl lactate, ethyl acetate, ethyl butyrate and aromatic substance for wine.

Yancheng Hongtai Bioengineering Co Ltd    China
Yancheng Hongtai Bioengineering Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing various kinds of food additives and aromatic substance for wine. Their products include lactic acid, calcium lactate, ethyl lactate, ethyl acetate, ethyl butyrate, turfan extract, common fig extract, maple extract, caproic acid, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.



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