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Acoustical Surfaces Inc provide soundproofing and noise control solutions for 25 years.

Acoustical Surfaces Inc    United States
Acoustical Surfaces Inc specializes in providing soundproofing and noise control solutions. Their products include echo eliminator, sound slicer, decorative fabric wrapped panels, flooring under lays, sealants, noise blockers, adhesives, wall insulation, acoustic doors, acoustic enclosures, adjustable door seals, etc.

Airsan Corporation has been in business of designing and manufacturing permanent air filters for industrial and HVAC use for more than 50 years.

Airsan Corporation   Milwaukee  United States
Airsan Corporation is involved in manufacturing permanent metal air filters, dry type air filters, filter and media retainers, cylindrical air filters, grease filters, and acoustical products like accoustiturn, and compact silencer. Airsan Corporation manufactures viscose impingement, and dry type air filters. provide information and links on acoustics, noise control, hearing aids, etc.    ,, is a web search engine which provides information and links on acoustics, noise control, hearing aids, etc. Their links include digital hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, hearing devices, mobility aids, low vision battery, information technology, etc.

Atlas Sound manufactures sound producing and amplifying products since 1934.

Atlas Sound   Phoenix  United States
Atlas Sound specializes in manufacturing communications products for the commercial, broadcast, industrial, institutional and security sectors. Their products include amplifiers, speakers, horns, grilles, back boxes, racks and cabinets, etc.

Bogen Communications Inc specializes in manufacturing and suppying sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

Bogen Communications Inc   Ramsey  United States
Bogen Communications Inc manufactures and supplies sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Their products include mixer amplifier, power amplifier, pro matrix and mixers, microphones, near, cone, horn, foreground speakers, music and input sources, telephone paging, self amplified systems, voip gaeways, voice commnications, voice enhancements, special electronics and accessories.

Cedar Works builds and supplies bird feeders and bird houses since 1976.

Cedar Works    United States
Cedar Works specializes in building and supplying bird feeders and bird houses.

Classic Modular Systems Inc. specialises in modular construction, storage technologies, contract services and material handling systems.

Classic Modular Systems Inc.   Naperville  United States
Classic Modular Systems Inc. provide equipment enclosures for production, quality or noisy machines that require critical space considerations. The company utilizes overhead storage, high-density storage products and movable aisle and rotating systems.

Comas SpA manufactures plant systems and machines for the bakery and food industry since 1979.

Comas SpA    Italy
Comas SpA specializes in producing wide range of plant systems and machines for industrial applications. Their products include exhaust systems, pipes, catalytic converter, flex-hose, radiators, manipulators, packaging machines, corrugated wall sheets, and injection press. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

DLM Plastics manufactures custom fitted vinyl liners for new installations and for replacement applications since 1950.

DLM Plastics    United States
DLM Plastics specializes in manufacturing custom fitted vinyl liners. They produce liners for ponds, hot tubs and spas, cisterns, secondary containment and baptismal fonts. The company also manufactures clean rooms, medical isolators, water treatment baffle curtains, aviation and industrial curtains, awnings, tarps and various custom made products through our plastic welding services.

Essi Acoustical Products performs treatments in wall and ceiling panels, baffles, banners, masks and pads since 1984.

Essi Acoustical Products    United States
Essi Acoustical Products has performed design in interiors with a diversity of wall and ceiling. The company offers fabrics, intek solid polyester yarn fabrics, and vinyls, a collection of textured Genon¨ perforated, and durable fabric supported vinyl.

ETP Inc. is a fabricator of industrial and agricultural products since 1980.

ETP Inc.    United States
ETP Inc. manufactures includes: tarps, truck covers, and large liners for ponds or landfills. The company also produces blank banners for the sign business and inflatable buoys for yachting events. The company employs about 35 to 40 employees.

Flo Pro designs and manufactures wide range of mufflers.

Flo Pro    ,,
Flo Pro specializes in manufacturing variety of mufflers, which is a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system to reduce the noise. Few of their products are HD big oval, twister mufflers, baffle packs, glass pack mufflers, Y pipes, header collector kit, etc.

Illbruck Acoustic Inc is a manufacturer of variety of acoustical and noise control products for various industries since 1952.

Illbruck Acoustic Inc   Minneapolis  United States
Illbruck Acoustic Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of acoustical and noise control products for various industries. Their products include acoustic wedges, adhesive, baffles, barriers, composites, foam, ceiling tiles, noise control curtains, wall panels, electronic noise canceling earmuff, willtec, etc.

Indiana Micro Etch Inc manufactures various flat metal components using etching technique.

Indiana Micro Etch Inc    United States
Indiana Micro Etch Inc specializes in manufacturing various flat metal components. The company services include acid etch, acid etching, chem mill, chemical etching, chemical machining, chemical milled, chemical milling, chemically machined, chemically milled, etched, metal etched, metal etching, photo chemical etching, photo chemical machining, photo chemical milling, photo etch, photo etched, photo etching, photo fabrication, photo machined, photoetched, photo-etched, photoetching, photomachined, photo machined, precision etching, etc.

Inetec is a service provider which specializes in providing permanent programs of research, development, design, construction and fabrication of various products.

Inetec    Croatia (local name: Hrva
Inetec is a service provider which provides permanent programs of research, development, design, construction and fabrication of equipment, tools, plugs and probes which includes software and instruments for NDE and other service activities at nuclear power plants, thermal and hydro power plants and other industrial applications. They also provide invention, creativity, market demands, applications, realization of requirements for customers.

Jvnw Inc specializes in the manufacturing of stainless steel vessels since 1981.

Jvnw Inc    United States
Jvnw Inc specializes in the manufacturing of stainless steel vessels. They manufacture a wide range of innovative vessels like smart mix tanks with custom agitators, vessels which feature computerized processing controls and processing systems.

Kinetics Noise Control Inc designs noise, acoustic, vibration, and seismic control systems since 1958.

Kinetics Noise Control Inc   Dublin  United States
Kinetics Noise Control Inc specializes in designing noise, acoustic, vibration, and seismic control systems. Their products include floor mounted vibration isolators, suspended vibration isolation, fiberglass isolators, neoprene isolators, floor isolation products, ceiling isolation products, wall isolation products, riser systems, acoustical curtains, limp mass barriers, damping materials, silencers and acoustical louvers, acoustical enclosures and barrier wall systems, etc.

MPC Inc manufactures silent wall acoustical wall panels, quietile ceiling panels insert tiles, tackboards, ceiling baffles, bulletin boards, sliding panels, presentation walls, privacy screens for business and the home office for over 25 years.

MPC Inc   Westlake  United States
MPC Inc also provides silent wall acoustical panels, ceiling baffles floats and inserts, custom wall treatments, remote controlled sliding panels, porcelain on steel writing surfaces, home theater full wall systems, furniture for office, home theater and home office, etc.

Silent Source sells interior acoustical products and acoustical soundproofing materials since 1992.

Silent Source    United States
Silent Source specializes in selling interior acoustical products and acoustical soundproofing materials. Few of their products include baffles, acoustical foams, barriers, bass traps, diffusors, ceilings, fabric wallcoverings, fabric wrapped panels, gobos, and installation showcase.

The Hurley-Byrd Bird Feeder Co is a manufacturer and a distributor of feeders for bird, deer and wildlife.

The Hurley-Byrd Bird Feeder Co   Fairmont  United States
The Hurley-Byrd Bird Feeder Co is a manufacturer and distributor of various kinds of bird, deer and wildlife feeding products through online. The company manufactures products like hopper style bird feeders, suet feeders, squirell or bird feeders, tube and finch feeders, deer feeders, and many others.



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