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Advanced Wireless Inc provides wireless solutions since 1995.

Advanced Wireless Inc   Milwaukee  United States
Advanced Wireless Inc specializes in providing wireless solutions. They provide wireless, voice over ip and bar code data collection solutions. The AWI University provides information on wireless LAN, bar code printing and scanning, mobile computing, etc. , Their services include designing, integrating, installing and providing support solutions.

Bar Code Systems specializes in creating barcodes and providing verification equipment for more than 25 years.

Bar Code Systems   Stockley Park  United Kingdom
Bar Code Systems creates barcodes and provide verification equipment. Their bar coding solution to use REA barcode verifiers, zebra barcode printers and symbol scanners and terminals. Their products include zebra printers, barcode printer supplies, REA verifiers, zebra care extended warranty and maintenance program, zebra link solutions as well as scanners and terminals.

Bartizan Connects specializes in designing and producing ground breaking data collection devices for credit card and exhibition industries since 1970.

Bartizan Connects    United States
Bartizan Connects designs and produces ground breaking data collection devices for credit card and exhibition industries. Their products include expo ultra, expo leads, badge production, barcode scanners, surveillance cameras, etc.

Carlton Bates Company supplies electronic components and equipment since 1957.

Carlton Bates Company    United States
Carlton Bates Company specializes in supplying electronic components and equipment. They provide electrical and electromechanical solutions. Their products include sensors, automation, safety systems, relays, switches, valves, connectors, terminal blocks, wiring devices, power, circuit protection, fans, cable, wire management, enclosures, osha products, etc., the company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

GigaAge specializes in providing wide range of software and hardware products for more than 13 years.

GigaAge   St.Charles  United States
GigaAge is a division of Steiner Electric Company, which specializes in selling radio fFrequency data collection software and hardware products for network purpose.

Hawk Electronics Inc supplies electronic products

Hawk Electronics Inc   Wheeling  United States
Hawk Electronics Inc specializes in supplying electronic products. Few of their products include agastat and tyco, alcoswitches, alpha wires, ITW switches, cannon switch products, e switches, dearborn wires, etc.

Ivanhoe Group buys, sells, and repairs new and used barcode equipments for more than 20 years.

Ivanhoe Group    United States
Ivanhoe Group specializes in buying, selling, and repairing new and used barcode equipments. Their product includes used bar code scanners, used bar code printers, used bar code equipments, refurbished equipments, etc.

KF Keyfuture specializes in the manufacture of peripherals and components for commercial purpose.

KF Keyfuture   Modena  Italy
KF Keyfuture is manufacturer of peripherals and components for commercial purpose. They offer products like lcd, hoppers, card dispenser, coins counter, dispenser, printers, thermal printers, and power supply.

Laminex Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of Access Card and ID Badge products.

Laminex Inc    ,,
Laminex Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing Access Card and ID Badge products. Their products include photo id, access control, time and attendance, visitor management systems, laminators and protective film products for finishing of printed cards, posters, advertising banners, and many other graphic outputs, etc.

Moore Business Equipment supplies laboratory equipments, industrial equipments, office products, etc.

MRA Technologies specializes in providing solution for integrating, implementing, installing, and supporting inventory management systems since 1992.

MRA Technologies    United States
MRA Technologies is an inventory control solution provider specializing in integrating, implementing, installing, and supporting inventory management systems for all sizes of businesses. They offer business process engineering, customer support, project management, bar code hardware engineering, and software development and implementation.

Omron Europe BV is represented by three main companies: industrial automation business, electronic components business, and healthcare business, for the past 30 years.

Omron Europe BV    ,,
Omron Europe BV`s industrial automation is a manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise. The company also develops electronic components, and also works on healthcare business.

ScanOnline supplies data collection products like bar code scanners and printers.

ScanOnline   Albemarle  United States
ScanOnline specializes in supplying data collection products like bar code scanners, and printers. Their products are scanners, input devices, mobile computer, printers, wireless, batteries, RFID and accessories. ScanOnline services include planning, development, implementation, support, warehousing, asset management, labeling, printing, analysis, etc.



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