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Air Matic Products Co Inc specializes in distributing the automotive industry with screw machine products since 1950.

Air Matic Products Co Inc    United States
Air Matic Products Co Inc distributes the automotive industry with screw machine products complete with all secondary operations such as broaching, grinding, milling, drilling, tapping, etc. their equipments include milling and broaching, grinding, boring and drilling, de burring, polishing and washing, inspection, etc.

Barit specializes in providing gear cutting tools since 1989.

Barit   Northbrook  United States
Barit solution provides gear cutting tools. Their products include gear hobs, worm gear hobs, involute and parallel spline hobs, shaper cutters, broaches, milling cutters, shaving cutters, rack type cutters, spiral and straight bevel generating cutters.

Broaching Machine Specialties Co manufactures wide range of broaching machines.

Broaching Machine Specialties Co    United States
Broaching Machine Specialties Co specializes in manufacturing variety of broaching machines. The company was established in 1960. Their products include twin slide surface vertical broaching machine, light duty internal pull down vertical broaching machine, general purpose internal horizontal broaching machine, etc.

Comau supplies equipments since 1973.

Comau    ,,
Comau specializes in supplying equipments since 1973. Few of their products include machine tools, laser welding technologies, new control units, teach pendants, powertrain systems, injection moulds, etc.

Crusteel Limited specializes in providing steels.

Crusteel Limited    United Kingdom
Crusteel Limited specializes in providing steels. Their products include CPM steels, cold work steels, high speed steels, hot work steels, plastic and mould steels, knife steels, alloy steels, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100.

Dynamic Metal Treating performs research and development on heat treatments for crucible CPM and Uddeholm ASP particle metal steels since 1984.

Dynamic Metal Treating   Canton  United States
Dynamic Metal Treating developed the DYNA-BLUE ferritic nitrocarburizing process in 1984, developed MICRO-TEC combination PVD coating plus DYNA-BLUE process in 1992. The company`s products are used in various applications like: die cast dies, molds, core pins, hot and cold chambers, in plastic injection molds, in cutting tools like broaches, hobs, shaper cutters, machine bases, and stamping dies.

Form-A-Tool Since 1947 specializes in manufacturing cutting tools to industry for over 50 years.

Form-A-Tool   Piedmont  United States
Form-A-Tool offers porting tools, special tools, indexable tools, broachs, shear blades for all metal shears. The company also manufactures special tools from tool drawings.

General Broach Company designs, remanufactures, retrofitting, and builds broaching systems for industries for past 50 years.

General Broach Company    United States
General Broach Company designs building broaching systems, which includes tooling, fixtures, controls, and all accessories equipments. They are specialized for machine tool division, rolling division, and tooling division. General Broach is the first perishable tooling manufacturer in the world to earn the QS-9000:98 tooling and equipment supplement ISO 9001 certified as 9000:97 Certified.

Gibbs Machinery Company Inc buys, sells, rebuilds, and metalworks machine tools and gear machinery since 1946.

Gibbs Machinery Company Inc   Warren  United States
Gibbs Machinery Company Inc specializes in buying, selling, rebuilding, and appraising metalworking machine tools and gear machinery. Their products include grinders, shapers, generators, camshaft, blocks, heads, pistons, connecting rods and transmission components, etc.

Gold Seal Plating is a service provider which specializes in providing plating services for various products.

Gold Seal Plating    United States
Gold Seal Plating is a service provider which provides plating services for various products. Their products include gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, brass plating and bronze plating. They also provide information about plating finishes, environmental achievements, powder coating, pollution prevention excellence award, industry of the year award, business environmental award, etc.

Industrial Surplus are machine tool dealers and sells used and new machines since 1956.

Industrial Surplus    United States
Industrial Surplus specializes in selling used machines and new machines. The company products include air compressors, automatic chuckers, automatic screw machines, blast cleaning, boring and facing heads. coolant system, drills, dust collectors, etc.

Lowry Supply Company distributes fasteners, cutting tools, abrasives, precision instruments, and indexable carbide since 1953.

Lowry Supply Company   Salem  United States
Lowry Supply Company specializes in distributing fasteners, cutting tools, abrasives, precision instruments, and indexable carbide. Their products include machining centers and milling machines, lathes, screw machines, nuts, washers, pins and keys, bolts, socket products, coated abrasives which includes acro, alliance abrasive, arc abrasive, bonded abrasives which includes baystate, boride, buffalo, etc.

Mitchell McKinney Supply Company supplies Cutting tools, abrasives, and pneumatic tools.

Mitchell McKinney Supply Company    United States
Mitchell McKinney Supply Company specializes in supplying cutting tools, abrasives, and pneumatic tools. Few of their products include abrasives, air tools, belt sanders, broaches, brushes, electric tools, fasteners, files, rotary tables, coolants, counter boxes, lubricants, tapping heads, surface plates, gages, etc.

The Dumont Company LLC. design and manufacture precision broaches since 1945.

The Dumont Company LLC.   Greenfield  United States
The Dumont Company LLC. is a supplier of push type broaches in America, offering broaches to a wide variety of businesses through a vast national and international distribution network. The Dumont Company LLC. is certified with ISO9001:2000.

Three Rivers Gold Plating Company supplies pure gold and platinium surface with various items.

Three Rivers Gold Plating Company   Fort Wayne  United States
Three Rivers Gold Plating Company provides services for electroplating, and platinium plating. They are specialized for jewelry, personal heirlooms, automotive parts, wheels, metal trim, and music equipment. They provide lasers components, platinum coated titanium and niobium anodes, RF components, microwave components, waveguides, infrared reflectors, relays, contacts, electrical components, scientific equipment, surgical instruments, the nuclear industry and the US military.

Ty Miles Inc manufactures variety of broaching machines and broach tools for more than 40 years.

Ty Miles Inc    United States
Ty Miles Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of broaching machines and broach tools. Few of their models are MBLD10-36-120R, MEH6-36-30, MHP-10-50mm, etc.

Vanguard Tool And Engineering Co specializes in manufacturing tooling for the automatic screw machine industry since 1957.

Vanguard Tool And Engineering Co    United States
Vanguard Tool And Engineering Co manufactures tooling for the automatic screw machine industry. Their tools include circular form tools, circular shave, dovetail form tools, dovetail shave, step drills, bores, trepans, recess, skive tools, rotary broaches, sharpening fixtures, cams, etc.



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