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1st Direct specializes in online supplying swimming pool and spa equipment for the United Kingdom.

1st Direct    United Kingdom
1st Direct supplies swimming pool and spa equipment for the United Kingdom. Their products include pool chemicals, spa chemicals, swimming pool covers, heat pumps, gas boilers, solar heating, pool accessories, liners, splasher, mirage pools, equinox pools, ambassador pool, spa accessories, steam rooms, enclosures, pumps, filters, vacuum points, pool kits, clearance items, etc.

Albemarle Corporation develops and markets chemical products for commercial purpose.

Albemarle Corporation    United States
Albemarle Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying chemical products. Their product includes polymer additives, catalysts, flame retardants, antioxidants, curatives, etc.

American Enzyme Inc provide non toxic, non bacterial cleaner products since 1950.

American Enzyme Inc    ,,
American Enzyme Inc specializes in providing non toxic, non bacterial cleaner products. Their products include septic system, drain fields, lift station, grease traps, wet walls, lagoon system, etc.

Analytical Technology Inc is engaged in developing and improving the sensing technologies by the application of electrochemistry to air and water monitoring problems.

Analytical Technology Inc   Collegeville  United States
Analytical Technology Inc products includes water monitors like dissolved oxygen monitor, electrode conductivity monitor, water quality panel, etc. , and gas monitors like portable gas detectors, combustible gas transmitter, gas sampling system, etc.

Apollo Scientific Ltd supplies pharmaceutical raw materials and biochemicals to hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories and university research centres since 1992.

Apollo Scientific Ltd    
Apollo Scientific Ltd specializes in supplying fluorochemicals, biochemicals, and spectroscopy to the research and development community worldwide. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Better Pool Management supplies variety of residential and commercial swimming pool products for more than 20 years.

Better Pool Management   Philadelphia  United States
Better Pool Management specialize sin distributing various swimming pool products including arts, chemicals, and equipment for residential and commercial applications. Their products include automatic cleaners, cyanuric acid, solar covers, cover winch, diatomaceous earth filter systems, etc., Few of their brands are Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, Raypack, etc.

Carefree Clearwater Ltd manufactures electronic water purification systems since 1985.

Carefree Clearwater Ltd    United States
Carefree Clearwater Ltd specializes in manufacturing electronic water purification systems that automatically purify, sanitize and eliminate algae in swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, cooling towers, HVAC systems and other industrial water treatment. Their products include automatic purification system, electrolytic ionizer.

Cascade Water Services Inc is a service provider which specializes in providing solutions water treatment, for over 25 years.

Cascade Water Services Inc   Hicksville  United States
Cascade Water Services Inc is a service provider which provides solutions water treatment, and boiler treatment cooling water treatment. They provide services like environmental services, specialty cleaning, cooling tower repair, laboratory services, consulting services, etc.

ClearWater Tech LLC manufactures ozone generators since 1986.

ClearWater Tech LLC    United States
ClearWater Tech LLC specializes in manufacturing ozone generators for water and air purification. Few of their products include microzone, UV series, pro series, skid mount, wall mount, cabinets, air waves, etc.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS specializes in exhaust gas purification for semiconductor and optoelectronics industries since 1986.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS   Fremont  United States
CS CLEAN SYSTEMS specializes in exhaust gas purification for semiconductor and optoelectronics industries. They use different technologies like chemisorption, modular canisters, safety features and control system. They serve industries in various purposes which includes diffusion, plasma etch, chemical vapour deposition, plasma chamber cleaning, ion implantation, silicon germanium epitaxy, compound semiconductors. The company is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

CSC Technology a distributor of water treatment, environmental engineering solutions and a provider of consulting services for several industries since 1995.

CSC Technology    United States
CSC Technology specializes in supplying customized water and wastewater treatment programs, along with environmental engineering and plant operational services for various technologies in the water and industrial wastewater market. The company distributes products including chemicals, control equipment, filtration equipment, filtration equipment, water system equipment, water treatment equipment, and air pollution control equipment. CSC Technology also provides services such as boiler and feedwater conditioning, disinfection programs, fuel oil treatment, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and many others.

Custom Sensors and Technology specializes in providing photometric transmitters, fiber optic probes and flow cells, transmitters, sample handling systems, etc.

Custom Sensors and Technology   Fenton  United States
Custom Sensors and Technology provides photometric transmitters, fiber optic probes and flow cells, transmitters, sample handling systems, etc. Their services include application engineering, commissioning and start ups, product validation, factory acceptance testing, in house repair, etc.

DEL Ozone is a manufacturer of commercial, residential pool and Spa, and food safety and sanitation since 1975.

DEL Ozone    
DEL Ozone product names and lines include: Delzone triopure salt chlorine and ozone combination system, eclipse Ozone generators, genesis ozone generators, and CDS-16 series of ozone corona discharge ozonators. The company is a supplier of Ozone to the OEM Spa manufacturers, industrial, commercial and food safety and sanitation industries.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd manufactures borosilicate glass equipments.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd   Baroda  India
Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd designs, and manufactures glass equipments. They are specialized for borosilicate glass equipments, beaded glassware, borosilicate glass extraction, skid mounted, laboratory glassware, and glass reactor.

HydraChem Limited specializes in the manufacture of chlorine based tablets for commercial and industrial purpose.

HydraChem Limited   Billingshurst  United Kingdom
HydraChem Limited is a manufacturer of chlorine based tablets for commercial and industrial purpose. They offer products like powders, baby sterilizing products, biological activators, water purification products, impregnated wet pipes, etc.

Interscan Corporation manufactures and supplies variety of gas detection instruments since 1975.

Interscan Corporation   Chatsworth  United States
Interscan Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of gas detection instruments. Their products include automation based gas detection systems, arc-max computerized data acquisition system, etc.



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