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1st-line Equipment LLC sells wide range of coffee and espresso related equipments.

1st-line Equipment LLC    United States
1st-line Equipment LLC specializes in selling various coffee and espresso related equipments. Their products include Italian espresso machines, stovetop moka pots and milk steamers, espresso and cappuccino cups and saucers, regular coffee brewing and grinding equipments for home and commercial use

American Instants Inc    United States
American Instants Inc specializes in manufacturing instant coffee and tea ingredients. Their products include cappuccino, granita, chai, fresh brewed tea, hot chocolate, drink mixes, liquid coffee extract, leaf tea, instant tea, etc.

Bedford Continental Wholesale Limited specializes in selling products like pasta, oils, coffee, biscuits, cakes etc since 1954.

Bedford Continental Wholesale Limited    United Kingdom
Bedford Continental Wholesale Limited specializes in selling products like pasta, oils, coffee, biscuits, cakes, deli products, tomato products and other specialties products.

Bolton and Hay Inc provides variety of foodservice equipments, cleaning equipments, etc. The company was established in 1920.

Bolton and Hay Inc    United States
Bolton and Hay Inc specializes in distributing wide range of foodservice equipments, cleaning equipments for residential and commercial applications. Their products include broilers scraper, brooms, brushes, bucket, cleaners, filter papers, gloves, griddle screens, etc.

Canterbury Coffee Corporation produces and supplies Arabica cofees since 1981.

Canterbury Coffee Corporation    Canada
Canterbury Coffee Corporation specalizes in producing and supplying Arabica cofees. The company`s work include roasting, packaging, and sale of coffee to retail grocery, speciality coffee house segments fo the markerplace. Their products include beverage products such as coffee, tea, drinks, syrups.

Coffee And Kitchen provides the coffee related products as well as a full selection of kitchen equipment and tools for cooking.

Coffee And Kitchen    
Coffee and Kitchen offers coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee grinders, coffee roasters and coffee gifts from capresso, saeco, la pavoni, krups, solis and thermos nissan. The company provides services for coffee makers, grinders, roasters and machines. Coffee And Kitchen have accessories like nissan thermos, villa ware and capresso waffle irons.

Coffee Paradise is a manufacturer of coffees and provide coffee making equipments.

Coffee Paradise    United Kingdom
Coffee Paradise specializes in manufacturing and distributing coffees and provides coffee making equipments. They produce specialize coffees including Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Liqueur Latte Macchiato, Choco Chino, Mocha and Caffe Au Lait. Coffee Paradise is a division of Grampian Catering Equipment Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of gourmet coffee and tea since 1993.    United States specializes in manufacturing and distributing gourmet coffee and tea. They offer Bunn commercial coffee equipment, Capresso coffee makers, gourmet candies, Tortuga rum cakes, and many other coffee and tea related gifts.

Cool Chameleon specializes in providing food and beverage supplies.

Cool Chameleon   Vernon  Canada
Cool Chameleon provides food and beverage supplies. Their products include flavors of soft ice cream, slushes, smoothies and shakes, cone dips, and frap drinks.

Crane Merchandising Systems is a manufacturer of variety of vending and beverage dispense equipments since 2001.

Crane Merchandising Systems   Chippenham  United Kingdom
Crane Merchandising Systems specializes in manufacturing variety of vending and beverage dispense equipments. Their products include freestanding drinks, table top hot drinks, snacks and confectionery, combination merchandisers, beverage systems, etc.

Cumberland Packing Corp supplies butterbuds with fewer calories and no cholesterol.

Cumberland Packing Corp    United States
Cumberland Packing Corp specializes in supplying butterbuds with fewer calories and no cholesterol. Their products include buds spice blends, adobo blend, viennese baking blend, herbs de provence, curry blend, asian blend, caribbean jerk blend, recipes include bread and desserts, breakfasts and brunches, fruit, vegetables and salads, etc.

Dart Container Corporation is a manufacturer of single use foodservice products since 1960, in US. The company was established in 1937.

Dart Container Corporation   Mason  United States
Dart Container Corporation provides foodservice packaging solutions. The company started their business in 1937 through the manufacture of products like: plastic key cases, steel tape measures, and identification tags for the armed services. The company in addition also provides products like: expanded polystyrene foam cups, containers, and lids.

Espresso Southeast distributes espresso machines and related products since 2000.

Espresso Southeast    United States
Espresso Southeast specializes in supplying espresso machines and related products. The company product includes gelato equipment, granita machine, grinders, bunn equipment, small wares, etc.

Euro-select products are a supplier of European housewares and consumers products.

Euro-select products    ,,
Euro-select products are the importer of the Spidem product line for the USA. The company also provides reselling of this product line. The company offers espresso and cappuccino machines from Italy, the latest technology in coffee, espresso, and cappuccino drink preparation, also supplies ice cream makers, espresso machines, ice makers, etc. for home and restaurant.

Europa Co Inc specializes importing Brugnetti espresso or cappuccino machines since 1977.

Europa Co Inc   Fountain Valley  United States
Europa Co Inc is a direct importer of Brugnetti espresso or cappuccino machines. Their products include used espresso machines, espresso coffee, grinders and accessories.

Faema Distributeur Inc. is an importer and distributor of Faema espresso and cappuccino machines since 1968.

Faema Distributeur Inc.    Canada
Faema Distributeur Inc. provides products like: espresso coffee beans, pasta machines, panini grills, and coffee roasters etc.

Flying Bean LLC is a distributor of variety of gourmet coffee and espresso beans through online.

Flying Bean LLC   Tualatin  United States
Flying Bean LLC specializes in distributing variety of gourmet coffee and espresso beans through online. Their products include coffee beans, coffee blends, flavored coffee, regional coffee, organic coffee, loose leaf tea, bagged tea, sample size coffee, gift baskets, boxes, etc.

Global VapourClean distributors of steam generating equipments.

Global VapourClean    ,,
Global VapourClean supplies equipments for cleaning residential and commercial models. They are specialized for cleaning bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campilobacter, Enterococci vancomycin, Staphylococcus aureus. They provide steam cleaning technology, ecological technology, ecological vapour cleaning systems. Their products are t1 steam mop, the reliable t630a home steam cleaner, j410 home ironing system, etc.

Grindmaster Corporation manufactures and supplies beverage dispensing equipment since 1933.

Grindmaster Corporation    United States
Grindmaster Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of beverage dispensing equipment. The company products are coffee grinders, coffee and tea brewers, hot powered beverages, cold drink dispensers, and frozen beverages. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Jede AB manufactures and distributes wide range of vending machines since 1969.

Jede AB    Sweden
Jede AB specializes in manufacturing and distributing various vending machines. Few of their models include Jede X press, Jede 800, Jede 1200, JedeXtra, etc.

Kaffe Magnum Opus Inc specializes in the manufacture of coffee products since 1991.

Kaffe Magnum Opus Inc    United States
Kaffe Magnum Opus Inc is a manufacturer of coffee products. They offer products like brazilian bourbon snatos, celebes kalossi, colombian excelso, colombian popayan, costa rican terrazu, ehiopian harrar, etc., They are a member of SCAA.

Kan Pak specializes in the manufacture of packaged frozen beverages and deserts since 1965.

Kan Pak   Arkansas  United States
Kan Pak specializes in the manufacture of packaged frozen beverages and deserts. They offer products like on demand hot coffee, smoothies, frozen cappuccino, cocktail mixes, rtd bottled coffee, rtd bottled diary and soy, soft serve ice cream, milk shakes, miss karens, iced coffee, creamers, cold coffee solutions. is a supplier of kitchen items for cooking, baking, dining, and entertaining needs.    ,, specializes in supplying kitchen items for cooking, baking, dining, and entertaining needs. Their products include gold tone filter, coffee filter basket, graters, grinders, colanders, all purpose cooling rack, anti freeze ice cream spade, etc.

Lancer Corporation is a service provider specializing in the manufacture of beverage dispensers and valves for over 40 years.

Lancer Corporation    United States
Lancer Corporation specializes in the manufacture of beverage dispensers and valves. They offer products like dispenser, ice machine, carbonators, accessories, valves.

Paul deLima Co Inc is a roaster and purveyor of coffee products.

Paul deLima Co Inc    United States
Paul deLima Co Inc specializes in distributing wide range of coffee products. The company was established in 1916.

Rancilio Macchine per caffè S.p.A manufactures espresso machines.

Rancilio Macchine per caffè S.p.A   Milano  Italy
Rancilio Macchine per caffè S.p.A specializes in manufacturing espresso machines. Few of their products are traditional machines like classe 10, classe 8 and epoca, egro super-automatic machines, dosing grinders, etc.

Regester Equipment Company Inc. is a dealer of espresso machines by Capresso and Saeco and Bunn since 1997.

Regester Equipment Company Inc.    ,,
Regester Equipment Company Inc. also provides pad control panel, coffeemakers, and Capresso and Seaco demo and floor model machines.

The Kitchen Shop of Bolton Limited distributes kitchen furniture since 1958.

The Kitchen Shop of Bolton Limited   Bolton  United Kingdom
The Kitchen Shop of Bolton Limited specializes in distributing variety of kitchen furnitures. Few of their products are chairs, tables, bar stools, tables and chairs, etc.

Torani produces syrups in variety of flavors since 1925.

Torani   San Francisco  United States
Torani specializes in producing syrups in variety of flavors. Few of their varieties include Italian syrups, syrups, sugar free syrups, sauces and sugar free sauces, blended smoothies, and frozen coffee bases.



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