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Action Electrical And Mechanical Contractors provides construction services for industry since 1945.

Action Electrical And Mechanical Contractors    United States
Action Electrical And Mechanical Contractors specializes in providing construction services for industry. Their services include electrical, civil, mill wright and rigging, pipe fitting, sheet metal construction, safety management services, etc.

Adarsh Industries manufactures and supplies pressure gauges, thermometers and industrial refrigeration products since 1989.

Adarsh Industries    India
Adarsh Industries specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of pressure gauges, thermometers and industrial refrigeration products. Few of their products are stainless steel gauges, commercial gauges, weather proof gauges, industrial gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, test gauges, ammonia gauges, freon gauges, manifold gauges, diaphragm gauges, electric contact gauges, homogenizer gauges, sanitary gauges, capsule gauges, pressure gauges hydralic pressure gauges, bimetal dial type thermometers, mercury in steel dial thermometers and gauge accessories like thermowells, pulsation dampner, gauge saver, syphone tube and cock needle valves, etc.

Air Locke Dock Seal designs, manufactures and distributes air inflated dock seal for trucks, and railroad cars for more than 50 years.

Air Locke Dock Seal    United States
Air Locke Dock Seal specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing air inflated dock seal for trucks, and railroad cars. Their products include model RS2, models EN and VEN, models HP and HVP, models sp and VSP, models FP and FVP, medigate, gangway seal, etc.

BFBA Consultants Ltd provides various electrical and mechanical services since 1955.

BFBA Consultants Ltd    South Africa
BFBA Consultants Ltd is a service provider, which specializes in electrical lighting and power distribution, voltage reticulation and distribution, data transmission systems, lightning protection systems, sprinkler and fire protection, etc.

Celltherm Coldrooms Ltd manufactures cold and freezer rooms since 1981.

Celltherm Coldrooms Ltd    United Kingdom
Celltherm Coldrooms Ltd specializes in manufacturing cold and freezer rooms. The company products include modular cold and freezer rooms with various facilities.

Cimco manufactures and fabricates refrigeration systems for more than 90 years.

Cimco    United States
Cimco specializes in manufacturing and fabricating refrigeration systems. The company products include heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, electrical control panels, packaged systems, etc.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products Inc is a manufacturer of variety of temperature controlled products since 1963.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products Inc    United States
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of temperature controlled products. Their products include core body temperature regulation, cardiovascular and blood cooling and heating, cold therapy and heat therapy, enviromental testing chambers, temperature cycling, humidity, dynamic vibration, etc.

Clint Wallis Inc. manufactures specialty doors, insulated wall panels, and loading dock equipment over 25 years.

Clint Wallis Inc.    United States
Clint Wallis Inc. specialises in cold storage and food industry. The company offers special doors, foam insulated wall and roof panels, and other industrial equipment. Clint Wallis Inc. helpes architects, engineers, contractors, and owners to select the right product. The company products include cold storage, impact traffic, high speed roll up, truck loading shelters and seals, etc.

Coldcurve supplies, installs and maintains commercial refrigeration for more than 15 years.

Coldcurve    South Africa
Coldcurve specializes in supplying, installing and maintaining commercial refrigeration. They provide cold and freezer rooms, cabinets for remote and self contained, glass front walk in cold rooms and domestic air conditioning solutions.

CrownTonka is a manufacturer of variety of walk in coolers and freezers since 1963.

CrownTonka    United States
CrownTonka specializes in manufacturing variety of walk in coolers and freezers. Their products include refrigeration equipments, standard overlep infitting doors, flush mount doors, pallet doors, industrial cold storage sliding doors, etc.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage is a distributor of mobile temperature controlled storage and portable blast freezing products for various industries.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage    Ireland
CRS Mobile Cold Storage specializes in distributing mobile temperature controlled storage and portable blast freezing products for various industries. Their products include mega mobile range, pharmagrade mobile cold store range, super silent mobile cold store range, portable blast freezer, mobile bars, bottle coolers, ice makers, coffee machines, etc.

Cup paC Contract Packagers Ltd. is a cup packaging services providing company.

Cup paC Contract Packagers Ltd.   S. Beloit  United States
Cup paC Contract Packagers Ltd. north plant promotes liquids and viscous products facility, and Cup Pac south plant provides powders and dry products facility. The company`s supplies and services include: supply cups, supply lid stock, supply boxes, supply labels, fill product in cups, gas flush, code date, weight check, case pack, label boxes, apply tamper evident heat seals, storage at room temperature or cold, and preparing for shipment.

D.W.Ross Building Materials distributes windows, doors, flooring, and panels for the construction industries since 1920.

D.W.Ross Building Materials    United States
D.W.Ross Building Materials specializes in supplying windows, doors, flooring, and panels for the construction industries. Their product includes teak decking, stanley mirror, flood products spa, deck coating, permatech chemical coatings, MAI doors, acme closet door, PVC glass block, teak sealer, bostik urethane caulk, exterior hardwood doors, sonneborne adhesives and sealants, roll screen door, etc.

DeltaTRAK Inc manufactures portable test instruments since 1989.

DeltaTRAK Inc   Pleasanton  United States
DeltaTRAK Inc specializes in manufacturing portable test instruments. Few of their products include chart recorders, data loggers that monitors temperature and humidity, digital probe and infrared thermometers, etc.

Dynamic Engineering Equipments is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and educational equipments since 1990.

Dynamic Engineering Equipments    India
Dynamic Engineering Equipments manufactures and supplies products for: heat transfer lab, refrigeration and A/C lab, hydraulics lab, production engineering lab, thermodynamics lab, applied mechanics lab, electrical M/C lab, structural lab, aerodynamics turbo M/C lab, stress analysis, and other demonstration models, and industrial equipments.

Engineered Refrigeration LLC manufactures refrigeration equipments since 1986.

Engineered Refrigeration LLC    United States
Engineered Refrigeration LLC specializes in producing refrigeration equipments. The company product includes parallel compressor systems, heat transfer products, custom electric panels, remote headers, dyna pack enclosures, etc.

FFE Transportation Services Inc offers transportation service for more than 60 years.

FFE Transportation Services Inc   Dallas  United States
FFE Transportation Services Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing transportation service using trucks.

Fomo Products Inc manufactures polyurethane foams since 1975. They are the member of FLM group of companies.

Fomo Products Inc    ,,
Fomo Products Inc produces polyurethane foam in pressurized form, disposable, and refillable packaging. They are specialized in products such as spray foam insulation in both refillable, and disposable systems, and sealants. They manufacture polyurethane gun, straw, and cylinder foam sealants.

Hall Street Storage LLC is a service provider, which offers four building refrigerated warehouse complex for cold storage and warehousing requirements since 1931.

Hall Street Storage LLC   Brooklyn  United States
Hall Street Storage LLC specializes in providing four building refrigerated warehouse complex for cold storage and warehousing requirements. These buildings contain fifty one individual cold storage rooms which include thirty seven freezer rooms set at zero degrees Fahrenheit or below, thirteen cooler rooms set at a range of between 33 to 38 degrees, and one subfreezing blast freezer set at 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Hardy Corporation specializes in manufacturing, supplying and providing services related to air conditioning 1943.

Hardy Corporation   Birmingham  United States
Hardy Corporation products and services include air conditioning, heating, ventilating, plumbing, refrigeration systems, process piping, sheet metal fabrication, energy management, mechanical maintenance, etc.

Heat Transfer Systems distributes industrial refrigeration, and process equipment and systems since 1983.

Heat Transfer Systems    United States
Heat Transfer Systems specializes in distributing industrial refrigeration, and process equipment and systems. Their products include closed circuit fluid coolers, evaporative condensers, evaporators, centrifugal pumps, water source heat pumps, packaged pumping systems, electric heating products, etc.

Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc develop and service ammonia refrigeration systems and process piping, which is used in many industrial applications since 1971.

Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc   Baltimore  United States
Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc specializes in manufacturing custom refrigeration systems for many industrial applications. Their equipment includes screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, evaporative condensers, air units, hygienic air handlers, glycol and water chillers, blast freezers, and computerized controls.

Isobar is a manufacturer of insulation materials, used in building industry, and cooling industry.

Isobar    ,,
Isobar manufactures products like: ministore, coldbox all in one, modular coldstores, isotherm doors, cooling units, shelves isostock, industrial sandwich panels, and spare parts, etc.

J M Coolhouse Private Limited offers cold storage warehousing, food cold storage, warehousing services since 1995.

J M Coolhouse Private Limited   New Delhi  India
J M Coolhouse Private Limited specializes in providing cold storage warehousing, food cold storage, warehousing services. Their service includes providing cold storage services, warehousing services, deep freezers, transportation, refrigerated vans, etc.

Jamison Door Company produces cold storage doors since 1906.

Jamison Door Company   Hagerstown  United States
Jamison Door Company specializes in manufacturing cold storage doors. Their product includes sound reduction doors, auto close doors, banana room doors, pub doors, etc.

Leyletts Engineering Ltd designs, manufactures and installs structural steelwork, light and heavy plate fabrications.

Leyletts Engineering Ltd   West Midlands  United Kingdom
Leyletts Engineering Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing structural steelwork, light and heavy plate fabrications. The company involves in many sectors such as quarrying, foundry and construction industries. their products include asphalt plants, dryers, material handling, hot and cold storage, rotary dryers, bag house filters in reverse air and pulse jet, hoppers, structures, screw conveyors, rotary and trickle valves, hoods, ducting, etc. The company is quality certified to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.

Lloyd Insulations manufactures insulation products and systems since 1956.

Lloyd Insulations   New Delhi  India
Lloyd Insulations specializes in manufacturing various insulation products on contract. Their products include anti corrosive materials, false ceiling and false proofing, panel system, protect duct system, steam turbines, etc.

Midwest Mechanical Service Inc offers heating and air conditioning services.

Midwest Mechanical Service Inc    United States
Midwest Mechanical Service Inc specializes in offering heating and air conditioning services. Few of their services include mechanical maintenance programs, design and build retrofit services, total energy management programs, environmental maintenance and management programs, etc.

PWC Logistics provides transportation and freight management services.

PWC Logistics   Safat  Kuwait
PWC Logistics specializes in providing transportation and freight management services for apparel and footwear; automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, consumer packaged goods, engineering and construction, etc. Few of their services include bonded storage and reexports, ground handling services, transportation and cargo logistics value added services, crisis and emergency logistics, etc.

Revco provides wide range of laboratory products

Revco    United States
Revco offers laboratory products, which are designed for life science, industrial, hospital and clinical applications.



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