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Accurate Felt And Gasket Mfg Co Inc manufactures and distributes gaskets products since 1951.

Accurate Felt And Gasket Mfg Co Inc   Cicero  United States
Accurate Felt And Gasket Mfg Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing gaskets products. Their products and services include seal, gaskets, tape products, die cut, slitting, laminating, special packaging. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Adarsh Industries manufactures and supplies pressure gauges, thermometers and industrial refrigeration products since 1989.

Adarsh Industries    India
Adarsh Industries specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of pressure gauges, thermometers and industrial refrigeration products. Few of their products are stainless steel gauges, commercial gauges, weather proof gauges, industrial gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, test gauges, ammonia gauges, freon gauges, manifold gauges, diaphragm gauges, electric contact gauges, homogenizer gauges, sanitary gauges, capsule gauges, pressure gauges hydralic pressure gauges, bimetal dial type thermometers, mercury in steel dial thermometers and gauge accessories like thermowells, pulsation dampner, gauge saver, syphone tube and cock needle valves, etc.

Arco Engineering Inc is a distributor of pressure, temperature and liquid level instrumentation, instrument valves and safety relief valves since 1954.

Arco Engineering Inc    United States
Arco Engineering Inc specializes in distributing products for process, chemical, power, food, waste water and OEM markets. Their products include calibration instruments, instruments hand valves and manifolds, pneumatic regulator, volume booster, transducers, differential pressure gauges, pitot tubes, pulsation snubbers, thermocouples, temperature switches, etc.

Armatek Controls Limited is a distributor of instruments and industrial controls since 1966.

Armatek Controls Limited    Canada
Armatek Controls Limited specializes in providing instruments and industrial controls for more than 40 years. Their products include orifice plates, flanges and accessories, custom panels, cabinets, thermocouples, rtds, assemblies, interconnecting wire, temperature assemblies, thermocouple wire and cable, etc.

Automation Service specializes in remanufacturing process controls in the world since 1956.

Automation Service   Earth City  United States
Automation Service remanufactures process controls in the world. Their devices control and measure temperature, pressure and flow in the refining of raw materials like petroleum, chemicals, plastics, electricity, fertilizers, papers, foods, beverages and waste water treatment.

Badotherm specializes in manufacturing process instrumentation since 1957.

Badotherm   Dordrecht  Netherlands
Badotherm manufactures process instrumentation. They provide repair shop for thermometers. They offers products and solutions for a wide range of industries like chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, etc. , their products include pressure instruments, temperature instruments, chemical seals, manifolds, valves, fittings, level instrumentation, additional devices, etc.

Budenberg Gauge Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing pressure guage since 1849.

Budenberg Gauge Ltd    United Kingdom
Budenberg Gauge Ltd designs and manufactures pressure guage. Their products include small dial pressure gauges, calibration pressure, industrial pressure gauges, differential pressure, schaffer diaphragm pressure gauges, diaphragm seal pressure gauges, etc.

FCX Performance Inc provides flow control and process automation products.

FCX Performance Inc   Pembroke  United States
FCX Performance Inc specializes in supplying flow control and process automation products. Few of their products are temperature and pressure transmitters, relief valves, knife gate valves, butterfly valves, positioners, fittings, industrial gauges, pressure power pumps, etc.

GMI Inc manufactures gaskets for the beverage, dairy, food, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries since 1979.

GMI Inc   Willoughby  United States
GMI Inc specializes in producing gaskets for the beverage, dairy, food, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Their product includes calendered sheet products, die cut products, extruded products, laminated products, molded products, and slit products. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000 standard. specializes in supplying test instruments, calibrators, sensors, gauges, controllers, etc.    United States supplies test instruments, calibrators, sensors, gauges, controllers, transducers, signal conditioners, transmitters, gauge and indicators, calibrators and simulators, recorders and loggers, electric heating elements, etc.

Instruments Io Industry Ltd manufactures and repairs instrumentation products for more than 130 years.

Instruments Io Industry Ltd    United Kingdom
Instruments Io Industry Ltd specializes in producing and providing repair service for instrumentation products. Their product includes pressure gauges, temperature indicators, flow measurement, level measurement, pressure transmitters and switches, etc.

J. Koch Associates Inc has been providing valves and products for the process industry since 1972.

J. Koch Associates Inc    United States

Mead O`Brien Inc   North Kansas City  United States
Mead O`Brien Inc specializes in valves and valve automation, steam products and systems, process instruments, controls engineering, and field service. Their products include steam and condensate separators, exhaust heads, steam traps and test valves, steam coils and unit heaters, instantaneous water heaters, humidifiers, pumping traps, etc.



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