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Agricultural Engineering Associates offers engineering consulting services for agriculture production.

Agricultural Engineering Associates    ,,
Agricultural Engineering Associates is a service provider, which offers ngineering consulting services for agriculture production. Their services include ventilation, sanitation, manure collection, storage, treatment and utilization systems, land leveling, etc.

Ascho Industries Limited supplies variety of analytical instruments. The company was established in 1986.

Ascho Industries Limited   Mumbai  India
Ascho Industries Limited specializes in supplying wide range of analytical instruments. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Blackmores specialize in the manufacture medicinal products for commercial purpose.

Blackmores   Balgowlah  Australia
Blackmores is a manufacturer of medicinal products for commercial purpose. They offer products like betacarotene, bio ace, bio ace, excel, coq10, grape seed forte, macu vision, milk thistle, etc.

CSC Technology a distributor of water treatment, environmental engineering solutions and a provider of consulting services for several industries since 1995.

CSC Technology    United States
CSC Technology specializes in supplying customized water and wastewater treatment programs, along with environmental engineering and plant operational services for various technologies in the water and industrial wastewater market. The company distributes products including chemicals, control equipment, filtration equipment, filtration equipment, water system equipment, water treatment equipment, and air pollution control equipment. CSC Technology also provides services such as boiler and feedwater conditioning, disinfection programs, fuel oil treatment, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and many others.

HEMCO Corporation is a manufacture of basic laboratory equipment serving research and development, life science and technology industries since 1958.

HEMCO Corporation    United States
HEMCO Corporation products include fume hoods, hood accessories, hood ventilation, other lab hoods, lab furniture, modular rooms, enclosures, etc.

MicroGlass manufactures custom glass products for scientific, laser, optical, and electronic industries since 1998.

MicroGlass    ,,
MicroGlass specializes in producing custom glass products for scientific, laser, optical, and industrial/electronic industries. Their product includes scientific quartz, borosilicate glassware, ICP torches, microliter, etc.

Slimming Solutions is a distributor of weight loss pills and related products for the health industry.

Slimming Solutions   North Shields  United Kingdom
Slimming Solutions is a supplier of weight loss patches, diet pills and slimming gels. They offer products like diet and slimming pills, weight loss patches, body wraps, detox, slimming teas, slimming underwear, anti cellulite, breast enlargement pills, fake tan, beautiful lips, botox alternatives, collagen products, health supplements, slimming aids and diet plates, etc.

The BTA Biotechnische Abfallverwertung GmbH and Co KG specializes in offering developed and experienced technology to process waste by an effective separation of contaminants and digestion of the organic matter since 1984.

The BTA Biotechnische Abfallverwertung GmbH and Co KG    United States
The BTA Biotechnische Abfallverwertung GmbH and Co KG process transforms biowaste from households, commercial and agricultural waste into high grade biogas and valuable compost. Their process include mechanical wet pre treatment and biological conversion. These process results in substantial waste volume reduction, environmentally benign treatment of waste, maximum energy recovery, reduction of co2 emissions, production of high grade compost.



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