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Advanced Power and Controls LLC manufactures and supplies electronic or electrical power conversion and control products since 1990.

Advanced Power and Controls LLC    United States
Advanced Power and Controls LLC specializes in producing and distributing electronic or electrical power conversion and control products. Their product includes electronic frequency converters, MG frequency converters, hipot testers, power distribution and control panels, etc.

Compact Power Company manufactures and distributes switch mode power products since 1981

Compact Power Company    United States
Compact Power Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing switch mode power products. Their applications include motor control, alternate energy systems, DC power supplies, AC and UPS power systems, and audio. Their products include AC power sources, frequency converters, manual oscillators, external input module, computer controlled oscillators, scaler transformer, autotransformer, etc.

Delta III Associates Inc is a manufactures representative for industrial, military, telecom, computer, and automotive applications.

Delta III Associates Inc    United States
Delta III Associates Inc is a manufactures representative for the following products electronic system racks, machine interface, power inverters, keypads, keyboards, assemblies, lighted pushbutton switches, pressure sensors, etc. Delta III Associates Inc is a member of Electronic Representative Association.

Encore Electronics Inc. offer products from pc board assembly, small-scale sheet metal fabrication to strain gage monitoring systems and custom-engineered electronics since 1967.

Encore Electronics Inc.    United States
Encore Electronics Inc. manufactures instrumentation including signal conditioners, strain gage amplifiers, active filters, vibration amplifiers, linear power supplies, F/V converters and DIN-rail mounted conditioners. The company products include amplifiers, conditioners, filters, frequency to voltage, power supplies, etc.

ESR Pollmeier GmbH manufactures and supplies industrial electronic products since 1969.

ESR Pollmeier GmbH    Germany
ESR Pollmeier GmbH specializes in manufacturing and supplying servo drives and servo systems. The company also manufactures servo motors, linear motors, fieldbus interfaces and accessories.

Eurocontrol Spa manufactures motors, amplifiers, electro optical systems, etc.

Eurocontrol Spa    Italy
Eurocontrol Spa specializes in designing and manufacturing systems and subsystems for various electromechanical, electronic, optoelectronic and mechatronic applications. Their products include weapon fire control systems, AC and DC motors, generators, servo motors, high precision linear actuators, motor generator sets, servo amplifiers, static converters and inverters, etc. . The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Georator Corporation designs and manufactures variety of electrical frequency converters since 1950.

Georator Corporation   Manassas  United States
Georator Corporation specializes in manufacturing wide range of electrical frequency converters for industrial and government applications. Few of their products are rotary frequency converters, solid state fixed frequency converters, solid state adjustable frequency converters, programmable frequency converters, brushless permanent magnet generators, etc.

HPT Precision Spindles and Drives Inc distributes various special electric drive systems for more than 25 years.

HPT Precision Spindles and Drives Inc   Newport Beach  United States
HPT Precision Spindles and Drives Inc specializes in supplying wide range of special electric drive systems. Few of their products are motor spindles SLF, belt drive spindles, custom spindles, machine tool spindles, electric motor controls, frequency converters BMR, inverters, adjustable frequency and speed drives.

Isomatic manufactures and distributes electrical and electronic products since 1976.

Isomatic    United Kingdom
Isomatic specializes in producing and supplying electrical and electronic products. Their product includes 3 phase converters, wind turbines, xDSL splitters and filters, welding transformers, small transformers, coil winding, C cores and toroidal cores.

Mimix Broadband Inc manufactures and supplies gallium arsenide semiconductors.

Mimix Broadband Inc    United States
Mimix Broadband Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying gallium arsenide semiconductors. Few of their supplies include buffer amplifiers, gain blocks, low noise amplifiers, low noise GaAs FETs, multipliers, power amplifiers, transmitters, and power GaAs FETs. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.



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