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Advanced Applied Technologies Inc manufactures and markets medical gas equipments.

Advanced Applied Technologies Inc    United States
Advanced Applied Technologies Inc specializes in manufacturing and marketing medical gas equipments. Few of their products include patient headwalls, surface mounted ceiling modules, training simulator headwalls, retrofit alarms, retrofit alarm valves, etc.

Amico Corporation manufactures various medical equipments.

Amico Corporation   Richmond Hill  Canada
Amico Corporation specializes in manufactures medical equipments for the global Health Care Industry. Their products and services include medical gas pipeline products, air and vacuum systems, clinical solutions, medical accessories, medical furnitures, etc.

Andersen Medical Gas and Inspections offers medical gas equipments and testing services.

Andersen Medical Gas and Inspections   Madisonville  United States
Andersen Medical Gas and Inspections specializes in offering medical gas equipments and testing services. Few of their products include pipeline equipments, repair parts, pumps and compressors, CO monitors, head walls, and dew points. The company services include Construction Verifications, equipment repair services, annual medical gas inspections, environmental testings, etc. They also offer expert advice on all brands of medical gas equipment and testing services.

Bay Corporation specializes in manufacturing medical gas fittings, connections, adaptors, and hose since 1979.

Bay Corporation    United States
Bay Corporation manufactures medical gas fittings, connections, adaptors, and hose for respiratory, anesthesia, dental, surgical, emergency care, home care, and cardiopulmonary equipment. Their products include DISS fittings, quick connects, hose, assemblies, pipe thread fittings, high pressure connectors, filters, valves, etc. , the company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003.

GMI Inc manufactures gaskets for the beverage, dairy, food, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries since 1979.

GMI Inc   Willoughby  United States
GMI Inc specializes in producing gaskets for the beverage, dairy, food, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Their product includes calendered sheet products, die cut products, extruded products, laminated products, molded products, and slit products. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000 standard.

Hi Tech Products is a service provider, which offers precision die cutting services for various industrial applications since 1979.

Hi Tech Products    United States
Hi Tech Products specializes in providing precision die cutting services for various industrial applications. Their polyurethane films, grounding pads, disposables, precision parts, die cut gaskets, filters, insulators, spacers, shims, masking die cuts, shielding gaskets, grill cloth, flex circuit stiffeners, dampers, pressure sensitive adhesive die cuts, etc.

LifeGas supplies variety of medical gas products for medical industry since 1985.

LifeGas    ,,
LifeGas is a division of Linde Gas, which specializes in supplying various medical gas products. Few of their products are high pressure cylinder, carts, disposables items, etc. The medical gases are like USP oxygen, NF nitrogen, USP nitrous oxide, USP carbon oxide, aerobic gases and medical laser gases, etc. Lifegas also offers asthma rescue kit.

Linde Gas supplies gas prodcuts since 1879.

Linde Gas   Pullach  Germany
Linde Gas specializes in supplying gas prodcuts. Their products include industrial gases such as air gases, fuel gases and other gases, rare gases, pure gases, medical gases, gas calculator, icebitzzz dry ice solutions, hydrogen technology.

Medigas Life Safety Group supplies equipment and supplies for medical, dental, hospital, and clinical laboratory applications since 1989.

Medigas Life Safety Group    United States
Medigas Life Safety Group specializes in the medical gas systems, life safety services, and fire stopping systems installation. The company facilitates medical gas equipment, certification testing, pm/annual testing programs, oxygen cleaned and bagged fittings, service programs as well as code/inspection services, fire stopping systems and solutions, etc. Medigas Life Safety Group responsive medical gas services from a simple repair to a complete system installation.

Praxair Technology Inc specializes in the creaton of atmospheric gas, process and specialty gas for chemical industries.

Praxair Technology Inc    United States
Praxair Technology Inc produces specialty gases for chemical industries. They offer products like oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases and process and specialty gases like carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, semiconductor process gases, and acetylene (produced as by-products of chemical production or recovered from natural gas). The company also designs, engineers and constructs cryogenic and non-cryogenic supply systems like argon carbon dioxide carbon dioxide (dry ice)carbon monoxide helium hydrogen krypton neon nitrogen oxygen specialty gases supply modes xenon, etc. They also offer services like cathodic protection, coatings cryogen and magnet services, customer care center, cylinder gases and equipment, full service drying. The company has been ISO 9002 quality certified.



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