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Ametek Land Inc   Pittsburgh  United States
Ametek Land Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing wide range of combustion and environmental monitoring instrumentation products for industrial applictaions. Their products include stand alone thermometers, digital thermometers, float line thermometers, landscan linescanners , thermal imagers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Boschert Equipment Co offers process heating, temperature sensing, and control for over twenty five years.

Boschert Equipment Co    United States
Boschert Equipment Co specializes in providing process heating, temperature sensing, and control for new process systems and upgrading old systems. Few of their products include scanners, microprocessor, color ratio pyrometers, kaowool blanket, ignition systems, screw plug, tape, curtains, rope, tubing, etc. The company also provides repairing, training, calibration services.

Exergen Corporation is a manufacturer of patented infrared scanners, thermometers, sensors, and controls, for the past two decades.

Exergen Corporation    United States
Exergen Corporation products are used in a various industrial and medical applications for professional and consumer use. The company manufactures non-contact IR temperature sensors, temporal artery thermometers and accessories, and temporal scanners for industrial, medical, and home applications.

Giltron Inc is a distributor of induction heating and ultrasonic cleaning products.

Giltron Inc   Medfield  United States
Giltron Inc specializes in supplying various induction heating and ultrasonic cleaning products. Few of their products are induction heaters and cap sealers, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and ultrasonic probes. Their service includes soldering, brazing, heat treating, catheter tipping, adhesive curing etc.

Instruments Io Industry Ltd manufactures and repairs instrumentation products for more than 130 years.

Instruments Io Industry Ltd    United Kingdom
Instruments Io Industry Ltd specializes in producing and providing repair service for instrumentation products. Their product includes pressure gauges, temperature indicators, flow measurement, level measurement, pressure transmitters and switches, etc.

Ircon Inc solves temperature measurement problems. The company was established in 1962.

Ircon Inc    United States
Ircon Inc specializes in providing solutions infrared thermometers, pyrometers, and thermal imagers. The company also offers solutions to noncontact infrared sensors, including two color thermometers, handheld thermometers, line scanners,thermal imaging systems, calibration systems ,and other accessories. Ircon Inc is quality certified to ISO 9001: 2000.

Korins Co Ltd distributes wide range of measuring instruments since 1983.

Korins Co Ltd   Seongnam  Korea, Democratic People…
Korins Co Ltd specializes in supplying various measuring instruments for industrial applications, Their products include water analyzer, gas analyzer, flow meter, hardness tester, roughness tester, data logger, vision inspection system, multi-channel electric energy analyzer, moisture analyzer, etc.

Land Instruments International designs and manufactures monitors and analysers.

Land Instruments International   Dronfield  United Kingdom
Land Instruments International designs and manufactures various monitors and analysers for industrial infrared temperature measurement and environmental pollutant emissions. Their products include portable infrared thermometers, infrared linescanners, portable gas analysers, portable gas analysers, etc.

Process Instruments Inc is a service provider specializing in support services to manufactures and processors since 1964.

Process Instruments Inc   Pittsburgh  United States
Process Instruments Inc is a service provider in support services to manufactures and processors. They offer service like field service, bench repair, calibration, and instrument support services. They have been ISO 9001 2000 quality certified.

The Jack Barber Company is a manufacturer and distributor of process heat and control equipments since 1967.

The Jack Barber Company    United States
The Jack Barber Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing process heat and control equipments for industrial purposes. Their products include electric heaters, process and temperature controls, power controls, temperature sensors, pyrometers, complete systems, etc.



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