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Business Stationary Mart is an online solution company manufactures and exports Stationery and Gift products since 1990.

Business Stationary Mart    India
Business Stationary Mart specializes in manufacturing and exporting Stationery and Gift products in india. Their products include clips, clamps, memo holder, crayons, erasers, pencils, hooks, cutter, etc. The company had won awards including magical web award, private eye excellence award, 2000 and 2001 golden web award.

Calwax Corporation specializes in blending and distributing petroleum, synthetic and natural wax products, since 1965.

Calwax Corporation   Irwindale  United States
Calwax Corporation distributes petroleum, synthetic and natural wax products. Their products include candles, sport waxes, candle blends, sealing waxes, natural waxes, casting waxes, parrafin waxes, microcrystalline waxes additives, custom products. They provide services like custom molding, extrusions of various shapes and sizes, wax sheet manufacturing, custom liquid wax filled containers and various waxed/metal or waxed/plastic parts.

Camlin Ltd manufactures stationery products since 1931.

Camlin Ltd   Mumbai  India
Camlin Ltd specializes in manufacturing stationery products. Their products include ink, pencils, art materials such as acrylic colors, glues, adhesives, brushes, drawing pencils, water colors, stationery, markers, stamp pads, carbon papers, ball pens, wooden pencils, fountain pen, leads, corporate gifts, etc.

Carmel Group Inc manufactures and distributes wax products and marking products since 1974.

Carmel Group Inc    Canada
Carmel Group Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing wax products and marking products. Their products include dental, jewelry, investment casting, chalk, felt, powders, ear tags, tattoo inks, pencils, parraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, bees wax, candelila wax, crnauba wax, montan wax, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, pigments, linseed oils, resins, etc.

Century Textiles and Industries Ltd produces and markets cotton textiles since 1897.

Century Textiles and Industries Ltd    ,,
Century Textiles and Industries Ltd specializes in producing and marketing cotton textiles. Their management system include meeting the needs and expectations of the customers, minimizing losses, improving equipment availability by effective maintenance, conservation of natural resources, reduction in waste generation, human resource development and involvement of all employees.

Cogetex S. A. manufactures products such as fabrics, yarn, and raw cotton.

Cogetex S. A.   Geneva  Switzerland
Cogetex S. A. is a supplier of variety of textiles from fibres to fabrics, including yarn and cloth, grey and bleached, made of cotton and a large variety of other raw materials and blends. The company also provides services from technical advice and products development to financing and credit facilities.

Colonial Tailor`s Chalk supplies marking products for textile industry since 1906.

Colonial Tailor`s Chalk   Williamsburg  United States
Colonial Tailor`s Chalk specializes in supplying marking products for textile industry. Their products include perfection master tailors chalk, trippleware tailors chalk, jems tailors clay chalk, disappearing chalk, wood encased pencil, wax crayons, veribest stamping powder, etc.

DFC Ceramics manufactures products for precious metals and mining industry since 1876.

DFC Ceramics   Canon City  United States
DFC Ceramics manufactures products like crucibles, cupels, crayons, bone ash, furnaces and roasting dishes. The company also manufacture and service the market with a variety of ceramic shapes to melt steel alloys, precious metals, and glass.

Ganga Acrowools Limited manufactures and supplies fine count yarns and coarse count yarns for over 60 years.

Ganga Acrowools Limited   Ludhiana  India
Ganga Acrowools Limited specializes in manufacturing and supplying fine count yarns and coarse count yarns. Their products include acrylic yarns, woollen yarns or blended yarns, hosiery yarns, blanket yarns, carpet yarns, hand knitting yarns, weaving yarns, etc.

Indo air Compressors Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of variety of air compressors and vacuum pumps for various industrial applications since 1985.

Indo air Compressors Pvt Ltd   Ahmedabad  India
Indo air Compressors Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of air compressors and vacuum pumps for various industrial applications. Their products include single stage compressors, two stage compressors, multi stage high pressure compressors, single and two stage dry vacuum pumps, heavy duty water cooled compressors, etc.

Japsin Instrumentation manufactures temperature, pressure and flow and level instruments. The company was established in 1974.

Japsin Instrumentation    India
Japsin Instrumentation specializes in manufacturing, stocking and exporting of temperature, pressure and flow and level instruments. Their products includedial thermometers, digital electronic temperature, pressure gauges, glass thermometers, pyrometers, thermocouples, etc.

Jay Company is a distributor specializing in trim products for commercial purpose.

Jay Company   Dallas  United States
Jay Company is a distributor in trim products for commercial purpose. They offer products like appliques, belting, braids, buckles, brooches, chenille, cordedge, flowers, cords, lace, notions, pearls, ribbons, etc.

Lai On Products Industrial is a manufacturer of stationery, arts, and crafts products under FUN CLUB trademark since 1964.

Lai On Products Industrial   Kwai Chung  Hong Kong
Lai On Products Industrial specializes in manufacturing stationery, arts, and crafts products for their customers. Their products include modeling kit, adhesives, coloring kit, decorative kits, 3d water color studio, giant play mat set, construction crayon set, etc.

Langer Inc is a service provider specializing in foot orthotics and galt related products since 1960.

Langer Inc    United States
Langer Inc provides a range of affordable lower limb orthotics, including functional foot orthoses and footwear. They offer a wide range of bespoke products, a range of stock and semi-bespoke items.

Rose Art Industries manufactures products like toys, arts and crafts, writing instruments, school supplies, puzzles, and games since 1923.

Rose Art Industries    ,,
Rose Art Industries specializes in producing wide range of arts and crafts, toys, games, etc. Few of their brands are kodak, star wars, superman, care bears, etc.

Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics supplies fashion fabrics and clothing accessories since 1974.

Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics    United States
Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics specializes in supplying fashion fabrics and clothing accessories. Their products include cotton fabrics, fine wool fabrics, silk fabrics, novelty fabrics knit fabrics, linen fabrics, rayon fabrics, zipper pulls, handbag handles, ultimate buttons, etc.

Shenzhen Sunway Industrial Co Ltd manufactures and supplies stationeries since 1993.

Shenzhen Sunway Industrial Co Ltd   Shenzhen  China
Shenzhen Sunway Industrial Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying stationeries since 1993. Few of their products include school bags, color pencils, ball pens, rulers, pencil cases, sharpener, crayon, note book, play doughs, moulding clays, glitter creative items, finger paints, posters, etc. The company has been certified ISO 9001: 2000 standard.



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