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Abrasive Specialties Inc is a distributor of abrasives and industrial power tools for more than 40 years.

Abrasive Specialties Inc   Cincinnati  United States
Abrasive Specialties Inc specializes in distributing abrasives and industrial power tools for all industrial abrasive applications. Their products include constant high speed precision tools, high speed hand tools, motors, and spindles, robotic, pencil grinders, turbine grinders, die grinders, compressors, generators, construction and mining equipment, pneumatic and electric power tools, assembly systems, etc.

Abrasives4sale supplies sanding, grinding, and cutting products for various purposes.

Abrasives4sale    ,,
Abrasives4sale specializes in distributing a wide range of sanding, grinding, and cutting products. Few of their products include rasp paper, drywall sanding, flex sanding pads, shop rolls, paper sheets, sanding discs, sanding bands, cartridge rolls, etc. The company offers sale through online. sells wide range of sanding, grinding, polishing and surface conditioning products.    ,, specializes in distriuting various sanding, grinding, polishing and surface conditioning products. Their products include sanding belts, sanding discs, cartridge rolls, bands, sandpaper sheets, abrasive cloth rolls and sheets. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

All-Wall Equipment Company, Inc. established in 1991 specializes in sales, service and repair of drywall tools and equipment.

All-Wall Equipment Company, Inc.    United States
All-Wall Equipment Company, Inc. is the preferred dealer among drywall tradesmen for top brands such as: Columbia Taping Tools, TapeTech, Blue Line USA, Drywall Master Tools, Northstar, AST, Graco, Benron, just a few to name. All-Wall Equipment Company, Inc. focuses on drywall tools and spray equipment. Their products list include automatic taping tools, auto taping tool parts, texture sprayers, texture rigs, power tools, moisture meters, etc.

Blastoff Ltd is a service provider, which offers industrial cleaning and flooring services for coatings and flooring industries since 1974.

Blastoff Ltd    United Kingdom
Blastoff Ltd specializes in providing industrial cleaning and flooring services for coatings and flooring industries. Their services include blast cleaning services, resin flooring services, wood flooring services, soft flooring services, etc.

BTI Supply Inc supplies wood cabinets and other products since early 1980ís.

BTI Supply Inc    United States
BTI Supply Inc specializes in supplying lightweight, hand held air tools, etc. Few of their products include backup pads, interface pads, conversion pads, dremel stylus, batteries and chargers, ogee bits, cove bits, edge forming bits, beading bits, sanders, drills, screw guns, etc.

Clark Industries Inc manufactures and supplies variety of aircraft parts other related accessories since 1976.

Clark Industries Inc   Tottenham  Canada
Clark Industries Inc specializes in producing and distributing parts other related accessories for aerospace applications. Their products include propellers, quarter scale airplane kits, black powder rifles and pistols, etc.

Consortech Tools India Ltd distributes portable electric power tools since 1956.

Consortech Tools India Ltd    India
Consortech Tools India Ltd specializes in distributing portable electric power tools. Their products include metal working tools, fastening tools, surface finishing or polishing tools, automobile, transport, aftersales market support tools, pipe working tools, steel construction tools, and miscellaneous products.

Cryogenesis specializes in manufacturing dry ice blasting and dry ice cleaning equipments.

Cryogenesis    United States
Cryogenesis manufactures dry ice blasting and dry ice cleaning equipments. Their systems are used for cleaning electronics, electrical systems, tire molds, boat hulls, turbine generators, steel rolling mills, nuclear facilities, printing presses, food processing equipments and even pharmaceutical containers, etc.

Dustraction Ltd    United Kingdom
Dustraction Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying wide range of dust extraction equipments. Few of their products are fans. catridge filters, unit filters, fabric filters, spray booths, sanding benches, cyclo filters, etc. The company also offers testng an maintenance service.

Fandeli International Corp manufactures various coated abrasives, non woven and miscellaneous products.

Fandeli International Corp    United States
Fandeli International Corp specializes in manufacturing coated abrasives. Their products include rolls, discs, belts, sheets, body files, wheels, hand pads, surface conditioning belts, kleen discs, orbital sanders, dispensers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Fantastic Drywall Tools and Supplies is a supplier of drywall products and abrasive sanding products, air compressors, automatic taping tools, automatic taping tools diagrams, banjos, benches, bit and bit holders for screw guns.

Fantastic Drywall Tools and Supplies    United States
Fantastic Drywall Tools and Supplies provides products of various brands like: 3M, Advance, Agatec Lasers, Andrews, Alto Drywall Stilts and Benches, Banana Knife, Boulder Bag Tool Belts, etc. The company also supplies other products like: drywall benches, drywall sanding, drywall texture tools, and automatic taping tools.

Filcar s. p. a. is a supplier of air filtration equipments.

Filcar s. p. a.    ,,
Filcar s. p. a. products includes: exhaust extraction, fume extraction, dust extractors, and fluid and energy distribution equipments. The company provides technologies for environmental protection, welding fumes extraction and smoke filtration such as hose reels and dust collectors. manufactures sanding paste since 1994.    United States specializes in manufacturing variety of sanding paste for the automotive paint industry.

Galaxy Floors Inc specializes in the field of construction, renovation, and installation of residential and commercial flooring system.

Galaxy Floors Inc    United States
Galaxy Floors Inc specializes in the field of construction, renovation, and installation of residential and commercial flooring system. Theirs services include hardwood floors installation, tile and marble installation, staircases, sanding, repairing, staining, nail down flooring system, etc.

Hilti Ltd provides products and services for building construction, wood work, mechanical installation and steel applications.

Hilti Ltd    United Kingdom
Hilti Ltd specializes in providing products and services for construction applications. Their products includes structural steel, facades, roads, concrete coverage, excavations, drywall, suspended ceilings, computer floor, doors and windows, interior fitting out, etc.

Jenkins Systems manufactures wide range of industrial machines like tenoners, CNC miter machines, CNC shapers, tool changers, robotics and special application machineries.

Jenkins Systems    United States
Jenkins Systems specializes in manufacturing various industrial machines like tenoners, CNC miter machines, CNC shapers, tool changers, robotics and special application machineries. Their products include 5100 series shape and sand, 2200 series double end machining center, 4200 series double end machining center, double-sided CNC miter machine, etc., which has the capabilities like trimming, contouring, drilling, angular gain, corner rounding, coping, sanding, notching, tenoning and haunching.

KWH Mirka Ltd manufactures various coated abrasives and sanding machines since 1943.

KWH Mirka Ltd   Twinsburg  United States
KWH Mirka Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of polishing abrasives and sanding machines. Few of their product models include abranet, alox, coarse cut, mirkon, waterproof, combi, deflex, etc.

L.A.Benson Inc supplies abrasives and fasteners since 1911.

L.A.Benson Inc   Baltimore  United States
L.A.Benson Inc specializes in supplying abrasives and fasteners for metals, specialized alloys, wood, plastics, composites, ceramics, glass, stone, leather and rubber products. The company also facilitates ordering products through online.

Lindsay Machinery Inc supplies wood working equipment to wood industries.

Lindsay Machinery Inc   Manawa  United States
Lindsay Machinery Inc specializes in supplying wood working equipment to wood industries. Their products include working equipment such as glue spreaders, presses, sawmill equipment circular saw husks, linear carriages, log turners, modular sawmills, material and waste handling equipment such as dust collectors, scissors lifts, lumber stacker, etc,. and also supply used, remanufactured and auxillary equipments.

Little Mountain Carving Supply is a distributor of online wood carving supply.

Little Mountain Carving Supply    United States
Little Mountain Carving Supply specializes in distributing online wood carving supply. Their products include cast metal bird feet, glass eyes, wood burning systems, blanks and carving kits, basswood turnings, books, knives, chisels, gouges, painting accessories, power accessories, dental picks, etc.

Ludy Machinery NV is a manufacturer of machines for the edgebanding industry.

Ludy Machinery NV    Belgium
Ludy Machinery NV specializes in manufacturing machines for the edgebanding industry. Their machines include 3D high frequency milling, CNC millingmachine micron VCP710, conventional milling, conventional lathe, cylindrical grinder tarnow, etc.

Mafell North America Inc specializes in producing carpentry and woodworking tools since 1926.

Mafell North America Inc   Williamsville  United States
Mafell North America Inc specializes in producing carpentry and woodworking tools. Their products include saws, drills, sanders, planers, mortisers, routers, special machines, etc.

Meadoweld Machine Inc designs and manufactures railroad maintenance equipments since 1978.

Meadoweld Machine Inc    United States
Meadoweld Machine Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing railroad maintenance equipments. Few of their products include RS-98 nu bear, dies and fixtures, fuel tanks, rail clamp units, track panel lifter, post weld rail quenching, anchor spanker, rail threaders, etc.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc manufactures and supplies wide range of engineered abrasives for more than 100 years.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc    France
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc specializes in manufacturing and providing engineered abrasives used in several industries like automotive refinishing, construction, industrial, marine, etc. Their products include bear-tex, dry ice, grinding wheels, job packs, multi-air, high speed diamond blades, cured concrete diamond blades, core drills, walk-behind concrete saws, masonry saws, tile saws, etc.

Simantech Inc distributes woodworking machinery and supplies since 1993.

Simantech Inc   Lynbrook  United States
Simantech Inc specializes in distributing woodworking machinery and supplies Few of their products include MARTIN German quality saws, shapers, jointers and planers/S4S, Belfab dust collection systems, TERSA insert knife and cutter head systems, VSM abrasives, etc.

Smith Eastern Corporation manufactures wide range of specialty HVLP spray guns for more than 20 years.

Smith Eastern Corporation    United States
Smith Eastern Corporation specializes in manufacturing various specialty HVLP spray guns for industrial purpose. Their products include DT-3000 Detach III HVLP spray gun, GG-100 gravity feed HVLP spray gun, AV-096 HVLP spray gun, MF-3100 MicroFlex HVLP spray gun, and SN-3000 Snozzle HVLP spray gun.

The Compleat Sculptor Inc is a distributor of variety of sculptor products and tools since 1995.

The Compleat Sculptor Inc    United States
The Compleat Sculptor Inc specializes in distributing variety of sculptor products and tools. They also provide online ordering facilities. Some of their products are abrasives, adhesives, bases, pedestals, body casting materials, chasing tools, clay, coating material, drill bits, craft materials, etc.

The Macton Corporation designs, builds and installs turntable systems, lift systems and custom engineered moving structures since 1947.

The Macton Corporation   Oxford  United States
The Macton Corporation specializes in engineering, fabricating and installing moving structures. Their products include architectural moving structures which includes educational, commercial, institutional, residential, transportation moving structure which includes transit systems, railroad systems, sanding systems, industrial moving structures which includes positioning, indexing, conveying, custom applications, etc.



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