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Alcad Limited designs, manufactures, installs, services and recycles nickel cadmium batteries.

Alcad Limited    Sweden
Alcad Limited specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing and recycling nickel cadmium batteries. They offer free software applications to find battery solution that fits needs. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Bercen Inc manufactures paper products and services for more than forty years.

Bercen Inc    United States
Bercen Inc is a division of Cranston Print Works Company. Their products include fluorochemicals dispersants, saturants lubricants, defoamers, thickeners, etc. The company also sells and services the products to the paper industry. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Bicycle Research Tools specializes in manufacturing and distributing bike and bicycle tool.

Bicycle Research Tools   Concord  United States
Bicycle Research Tools manufactures and distributes bike and bicycle tool. Their products include headset cup press, bearing punch, cartridge bb handle, brake boss mill, chaining straightener, chain line checking tool, frame block, etc. , their government agencies include probation, parole departments, state departments of corrections, the federal bureau of prisons, federal probation and pretrial, department of homeland security, juvenile divisions, state and municipal courts, and counties across the united states and world. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

FireAcad Software Design is a product that was originally developed in 1985 for in house use for their parent company.

C and H Fire Suppression Systems Inc   Kitchener  Canada
FireAcad Software Design is a product that was originally developed in 1985 for in house use for their parent company. Their products include firencad 2005, fireacal 2005, fire quot 2005, firereport2 2 stock listing software, calcplus 2 2 hydraullic software, etc.

Cassims International is a Sri Lankan textile industry, provides textile machinery and textile solution like cutting edge technology solutions since 1952.

Cassims International    Sri Lanka
Cassims International is a Sri Lankan textile industry specializes in providing textile machinery and textile solution like cutting edge technology solutions. They offer complete solutions from their principals in the areas of spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing and testing.

Central Florida props Marine Inc. services for the past 23 years in marine propulsion.

Central Florida props Marine Inc.   Merritt Island  United States
Central Florida Props Marine Inc. specializes in marine boat propellers for inboard, outboard, surface drives and stern drives. The company has props for sales and they provide repair and recondition of propellers.

Custom Advanced Connections specializes in manufacturing rubber tubing products.

Custom Advanced Connections    United States
Custom Advanced Connections manufacture products like rubber tubing, heat vulcanized boots, polyurethane tubing, sewn sleeves and covers, hooked edge screens, woven cloths, test sieves, corrugated boots, hand build hose, bellows, etc.

Derrick Corporation manufactures and supplies screening equipments for more than 50 years.

Derrick Corporation    United States
Derrick Corporation specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing wide range of screening equipments for mining, chemical, plastics, wastewater, and forest products industries. Few of their products are stack sizer, repulp screen, dewatering screen, linear motion screens, high shear screen, hydrocyclones, belt scalper single and double deck screening machines, flo divider, etc. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Dhall Group is a manufacturer of textile processing and finishing machinery since 1959.

Dhall Group   Ahmedabad  India
Dhall Group manufactures textile processing and finishing machinery. Dhall Group is involved in textile machinery and plants, ptfe (teflon) products and plastic products.

Digital Press Incorporated designs and manufactures numerically controlled compacting presses.

Digital Press Incorporated    United States
Digital Press Incorporated specializes in designing and manufacturing numerically controlled compacting presses. Their products include powder mate press, which is used in wide range of manufacturing applications including compacting simple parts, complicated multilevel parts, deep fills, etc.

Elenco Carbide Tool Corp manufactures precision cutting tools since 1968.

Elenco Carbide Tool Corp    United States
Elenco Carbide Tool Corp specializes in manufacturing precision cutting tools. The company product includes solid carbide, carbide head, steel shank, drills, reamers, mullti step tools, end mills, form cutters, milling cutters, routers, burrs, cutters, countersinks, etc.

Enterprise Engineering Inc provides multidiscipline consulting and engineering services in and around UK.

Enterprise Engineering Inc   Freeport  United States
Enterprise Engineering Inc provides is a service provider, which offers various engineering services. Their services include petroleum fuel storage and delivery systems, surveying, mapping and planning services, inspecting and designing piers, marinas, etc.

Galorath Inc develops cost estimation software products for decision-support and production optimization for more than 20 years.

Galorath Inc    United States
Galorath Inc specializes in developing cost estimation software products for decision-support and production optimization. The software product includes software project control and hardware project control. These software products are used to identify, evaluate and manage the complex array of cost, labor, schedule, reliability and risks associated with an organizations critical project.

ICOEL sas specializes in the manufacture of equipments and machines for fruits and vegetables processing.

ICOEL sas    Italy
ICOEL sas is a manufacturer of equipments and machines for fruits and vegetables processing. They offer products like in dumpers, bin filters, automatic filler system, bin submergers, carrots washers, etc.

Inter Source Recovery Systems Inc engineers and manufactures chip management systems equipment since 1984.

Inter Source Recovery Systems Inc   Kalamazoo  United States
Inter Source Recovery Systems Inc engineers and manufactures chip management systems equipment. They offer products like wringers, sizing, transport, solids removal, controls, fluid management, silo, etc

Kal Tire is a service provider in the industrial and commercial field for over 50 years.

Kal Tire    ,,
Kal Tire is a service provider in the industrial and commercial field. They specialize in the manufacture of products like tires, passenger, wheels, and batteries, mechanical. They also provide products for truck, industrial, otr, and mining industry.

Mechtorque manufactures torque and tube tools.

Mechtorque    ,,
Mechtorque specializes in manufacturing torque and tube tools. Few of their products include torque wrenches, hand torque multipliers, torque screw drivers, impact sockets and accessories, striking wrenches, boiler and condenser tubes expanders, tube installation tools, tube removal tools, tube rolling controls tube cleaners, dial torque wrenches, digital torque wrenches, etc. The company services include calibration, rental, repair and bolting services.

Mereen Johnson Machine Company manufactures woodworking machineries since 1905.

Mereen Johnson Machine Company   Minneapolis  United States
Mereen Johnson Machine Company specializes in manufacturing woodworking machineries since 1905. Few of their products include rip saws, tenoners, CNC dovetailers, panel sizing systems, 900 versamolders, and 99 D box presses.

Millstream Software develops software programs since 1993.

Millstream Software    United Kingdom
Millstream Software specializes in developing software programs. Few of their development includes control valve sizing and selection softwares, windows software using delphi programming languages, openBSD desktop, ISP firewall law, ADSL connected servers, bird quiz, and snowman.

Thermo Technologies designs and manufactures vacuum solar thermal systems for more than 25 years.

Thermo Technologies   Columbia  United States
Thermo Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing vacuum solar thermal systems. They offer all parts, which are required to install a balanced solar heating system. They also provide design services in addition to collectors, tanks, pumps, temperature differential controllers, and pump control unit.

United States ThermoAmp Inc is a manufacturer of swimming pool heaters since 1983.

United States ThermoAmp Inc    United States
United States ThermoAmp Inc specializes in producing swimming pool heaters. The companys product is Heat Siphon.



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