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AGC Chemicals Americas Inc manufactures and distributes glass, electronic displays, and chemical products since 2004.

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc    United States
AGC Chemicals Americas Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing glass, electronic displays, and chemical products. They also markets and sells lumiflon fluoropolymer coatings, asahi guard water and oil repellants, f clean greenhouse films, pictorico inkjet media, sun sphere fine silica additives, and fluoro intermediates.

ALCO Gas and Oil Production Equipment Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of oil and gas processing equipment for Canadian and International marketplace, since 1972.

ALCO Gas and Oil Production Equipment Ltd.   Edmonton  Canada
ALCO Gas and Oil Production Equipment Ltd manufactures oil and gas processing equipment, and in addition it also specializes in packaged equipment, ranging from single skid units to interconnected multiple skid modules for larger gas processing plants and petrochemical systems. ALCO Gas and Oil Production Equipment Ltd has designed and fabricated over 6, 000 production and process packages. ALCO Gas and Oil Production Equipment Ltd product includes heaters, separation units, dehyderation units, etc.

Apollo Scientific Ltd supplies pharmaceutical raw materials and biochemicals to hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories and university research centres since 1992.

Apollo Scientific Ltd    
Apollo Scientific Ltd specializes in supplying fluorochemicals, biochemicals, and spectroscopy to the research and development community worldwide. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Bailey Motor Equipment Co is a distributor of shop equipments and motor equipments since 1933.

Bailey Motor Equipment Co    United States
Bailey Motor Equipment Co specializes in supplying shop equipments and motor equipments for industrial, automotive, and marine applications. Few of their products are annunciators, auto start controls, battery cleaners, protectors, brake lathes, bits, brass fittings, shut-down systems, spark plugs, swichgages, time/vibration switches, weathercaps, raincaps, etc.

Brand Nu Laboratories manufactures wide range of chemical products.

Brand Nu Laboratorie    United States
Brand Nu Laboratorie specializes in manufacturing variety of chemical products, which icludes custom formulations of solvents, aqueous solutions, dry blends, acids and bases. The company was established in 1956.

Caledon Laboratories Ltd specializes in maufacturing and distributing purity solvents and laboratory chemicals since 1970.

Caledon Laboratories Ltd    Canada
Caledon Laboratories Ltd maufactures and distributes purity solvents and laboratory chemicals for more than three decades. Their products include acids, adsorbents, chemicals, chromatography, critical cleaning, environmental, molecular biology, solutions, solvents, etc.

Cartier produces and distributes chemical specialties since 1939.

Cartier    Canada
Cartier specializes in producing and distributing innovative chemical specialties. They provide environmental products, industrial degreasers and safety solvents, automotive detailing products, food industry cleaners, transportation cleaners and institutional maintenance chemicals. They offer custom formulating and manufacturing as well as private label services.

ChemFree Corporation supplies bioremediating parts cleaning systems.

ChemFree Corporation    United States
ChemFree Corporation specializes in supplying bioremediating parts cleaning systems. The company products include smartwashers, cabinet washers, ozzyjuices, ozzymats, etc. ChemFree Corporation has been certified to AQMD

Chemical House sells wide range of chemicals.

Chemical House   Indore  India
Chemical House specializes in selling wide range of chemicals. Chemical House is a market place for online chemical trading and business. Their products are paints and inks, calcite, calcium carbonate, carbon black, China clay, beta blue, biocides, butanol, black iron oxide, fertilizers, biochemicals, gases, industrial bulk chemicals, minerals, metals, oils, lubricants, resins, polymers, etc.

Chemical Laboratories Inc manufactures variety of chemicals for more than 20 years.

Chemical Laboratories Inc   Tampa  United States
Chemical Laboratories Inc specializes in producing wide range of chemicals for industrial and commercial purpose. Few of their products are aluminum brightener, scale remover, coil cleaner, de limer, bilge cleaner, mildew remover, carbon cleaner, laundry detergent, etc.

Chemsolv Inc distributes chemicals and solvents since 1979.

Chemsolv Inc    United States
Chemsolv Inc specializes in distributing chemicals and solvents. Few of their products include aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, isoparaffin solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, fluorocarbons, ketones, esters, glycol ethers, polyols, polyethylene glycols, surfactants, plasticizers, etc.

Coating Place Inc provides wurster fluid bed encapsulation research and contract manufacturing services since 1998.

Coating Place Inc    United States
Coating Place Inc is a contract manufacturing organization specializing in pharmaceutical grade wurster fluid bed coating services for encapsulation of solid particulate materials such as powders, granules, crystals, and capsules. Their service includes pharmaceutical GMP contract manufacturing, process validation, technology transfer, scale up, formulation development, feasibility studies, and GMP analytical laboratory support.

Computer Salvage Specialists provides recycling service for electronic industry since 1985.

Computer Salvage Specialists    ,,
Computer Salvage Specialists specializes in providing recycling service for electronic industry. Their product categories include large household appliances, small household appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer equipment, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, toys, leisure and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring, control equipment, automatic dispensers, etc.

DeWitt Inc. provides its customer with petroleum product sales and service for over 50 years.

DeWitt Inc.    United States
DeWitt Inc. provides customers with commercial fueling network, bulk fuels and networks. DeWitt Inc. supplies to Chevron and Shell lubricants. The company also provides products like fuel and oil additives, military spec oils, refrigerants, coolants, and oil analysis programs.

Distillex Ltd manufactures, supplies, and recycles chlorinated solvents ranging from alcohols to xylenes.

Distillex Ltd    United Kingdom
Distillex Ltd specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and recycling of chlorinated solvents ranging from alcohols to xylenes. Their products include surface cleaning solvents for cold cleaning, wipe cleaning, platemaking and printing solvents for screen wash, blanket wash, formulation and commodities for paint strippers, surface coating, aerosols, etc.

Diversified Compound Products is a manufacturer of protective skin creams and mole repellants for both industry and retail consumption.

Diversified Compound Products   Cincinnati  United States
Diversified Compound Products specializes in manufacturing protective skin creams and mole repellants for both industry and retail consumption. Their products include man-o, glove cote 720, garden glove, gun glove, no more moles, fisherman glove, spongemate, etc.

ECL Transportation delivers bulk liquids, hazardous recyclables, drum and pallet products for more than 50 years.

ECL    Canada
ECL Transportation specializes in delivering bulk liquids like fuel, methanol and propane, hazardous recyclables, drum and pallet products. Their services include liquid trans loading, drum filling, product heating, boxcar trans loading, truck scaling, etc., the company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Emco Chemical Distibutors Inc supplies industrial and specialty chemical products.

Emco Chemical Distibutors Inc    United States
Emco Chemical Distibutors Inc specializes in marketing industrial and specialty chemical products. Their product includes acids, acids of food grade, alcohols, aldehydes and ethers, aliphatic hydrocarbons, alkalies, aromatic hydrocarbons, amines, carbonates, chelating agents, chlorinated solvents, clorinated solvent replacements, etc.

Far West Micro Inc manufactures, and designs electronic and industrial products. They are located Pacific Northwest Canada.

Far West Micro Inc    United States
Far West Micro Inc designs, and manufactures industrial products. They are specialized in electronics manufacturing, surface mount, ESD control, production supplies and tools, material handling. They produce connectors, test probes, sockets, and battery contacts.

GE Analytical Instruments manufactures instruments to measure in TOC in water.

GE Analytical Instruments   Boulder  United States
GE Analytical Instruments specializes in manufacturing instruments for measuring total organic carbon in water. Their products include oil detection sensors, water detection and monitoring systems.

Gemtek Products LLC distributes wide range of cleaners, degreasers, solvents, lubricants, metalworking fluids and specialty products.

Gemtek Products LLC   Phoenix  United States
Gemtek Products LLC specializes in supplying various cleaners, degreasers, solvents, lubricants, metalworking fluids and specialty products for industrial and commercial applications. Their products include safe care, safe lube, allersafe, etc.

Harris Testing Laboratories Inc is a service provider, which offers petroleum and petrochemical product testing services for various customers.

Harris Testing Laboratories Inc   Houston  United States
Harris Testing Laboratories Inc specializes in providing petroleum and petrochemical product testing services for various customers. Their testing products include asphalt, catcracker feedstock, caustic soda, crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, lube oils, naphtha, pet coke, wax, etc.

Hukill Chemical Corporation distributes chemical products and offers variety of products, recycling options, and waste management solutions to their customers since 1947.

Hukill Chemical Corporation    United States
Hukill Chemical Corporation specializes in supplying and providing variety of products, recycling options, and waste management solutions to their customers. The company is a distributor of chemical products and custom formulator and blender offering small and large quantities in addition to custom packaging. They specialize in solvent reclamation. Hukill Chemical also provides waste management program. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Interstate Chemical Co Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals since 1968.

Interstate Chemical Co Inc    United States
Interstate Chemical Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing chemicals. Their products include aliphatic solvents, alkalis, amines, ammonium chemicals, aromatic solvents, barium chemicals, borate, chelating agents, phenols, phosphates, plasticizers and poly glycols, potassium chemicals, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Island Trading Co Ltd manufacture grab bag filters for more than 40 years.

Island Trading Co Ltd    United States
Island Trading Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing grab bag filters designed foruse in edgers and both metal cutting and metal forming machines.

John Neale Ltd produces and supplies wide range of lubricants.

John Neale Ltd    United Kingdom
John Neale Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing various synthetic lubricants, water based lubricants, bio-degradable lubricants, rust preventatives and environmentally acceptable solvents and cleaners for industrial applications.

Kady International manufactures mixing equipments for use in fluid solid systems.

Kady International   Scarborough  United States
Kady International specializes in producing mixing equipments for use in fluid solid systems. Their product includes industrial mills, industrial mixers and mixing systems based on rotor stator technology.

Lennox Container Group is a distributor of containers to all industry since 1979.

Lennox Container Group   Ajax  Canada
Lennox Container Group specializes in distributing and reconditioning of containers to all industry. The company had won pollution prevention achievement awards from government of ontario. Lennox container group consist of three division which includes lennox drum limited, container services a r m, and recycled grindings inc. Their products and services include steel open head drums, plastic open head drums, steel closed drums, plastic closed head drums, disposal and resource recovery system services etc.

Lindmark Engineering provides environmental engineering and construction services.

Lindmark Engineering   Long Beach  United States
Lindmark Engineering specializes in offering environmental engineering and construction services in a wide variety of industrial, municipal, and commercial settings. Their service includes site assessment, environmental cleanup of soil and groundwater, tank services, construction services, environmental property transfer services, regulatory compliance assistance, forensic engineering, etc.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation manufactures industrial solenoid valves for process control since 1936.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation   Hawthorne  United States
Magnatrol Valve Corporation specializes in manufacturing industrial solenoid valves for process control. Their products include 2 way bronze, stainless steel solenoid valves, solenoid valves, custom engineered valves, special alloys, and also provide temperatures and creative design solutions for applications as well as modifications to standard magnatrol valves. They provide services to industries involved in fluid process control, which includes chemical, power, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, water and waste, metal, textile, food, paper and pulp, navy, marine and general industry including original equipment manufacturers.

Master Chemical Corporation manufactures cutting and grinding fluids concentrates since 1951.

Master Chemical Corporation    ,,
Master Chemical Corporation specializes in manufacturing cutting and grinding fluids concentrates since 1951. The company products include cutting and grinding fluids, cleaners and washing compounds, corrosion inhibitors, additives and TCs, and specialty fluids. They offer centrifuges, filtration systems, sump suckers, etc.

Solutia Inc specializes in the manufacture and production of specialty products and pharmaceutical products for a wide range of applications.

Solutia Inc   St.Louis  United States
Solutia Inc manufactures and produces specialty products and pharmaceutical products for a wide range of applications. The company provides products like aviation hydraulic fluids, aviation solvent, automotive glass, architectural glass, drug development, electronic displays, windows, drug manufacturing, enhanced protective glass, windows, laminated glass, resins, coatings, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Wolcott Park Inc specializes in distributing adhesive and polymer manufacturers since 1963.

Wolcott Park Inc    United States
Wolcott Park Inc distributes adhesive and polymer manufacturers. Their products offer by aerospace, electronics, industrial, optical, mold making, release, and tooling products, dispensing equipment, etc.



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