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AMS Industries Ltd manufactures spun metals, custom metal spinner of metals since 1962.

AMS Industries Ltd    Canada
AMS Industries Ltd specializes in manufacturing custom metal spinner of carbon steel, stainless steels, inconel, and aluminum. Their products include bubble caps, flame arrestors, trays and assemblies, floats, risers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Angola Wire Products and Barker Wire Products is a manufacturer of commercial display products since 1960.

Angola Wire Products and Barker Wire Products   Angola  United States
Angola Wire Products and Barker Wire Products specialize in manufacturing commercial display products. Their products include display grids, soft lines, displayer, poster board rack, freestanding and adapters, gondola shelves, hooks and displayers, rigid or folding, baskets, shelves, endless baskets, dividers, dump bins, aisle blockers, etc. The company is a member of members of WFA, NASFM, and M PACT.

Barberis Ltd. is a representation of foreign manufacturers of their hand tools since 1967.

Barberis Ltd.    ,,
Barberis Ltd. developed a new and innovative promotion method for the represented products, starting with FACOM tools. The company promotes a modern demonstration van containing the major FACOM articles. The company`s FACOM product distribution covers the Greek and Cyprus market.

Brown Sheep Company Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of wool products.

Brown Sheep Company Inc    United States
Brown Sheep Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of wool products for commercial purpose.

Central Parts Warehouse supplies snow and ice control equipment includes salt spreaders, snow plows, snow pushers, and accessories since 1979.

Central Parts Warehouse    United States
Central Parts Warehouse specializes in supplying snow and ice control equipment includes salt spreaders, snow plows, snow pushers, and accessories. Their products include straight blades, lift frame assembly, power packs, headlights, blade assembly, EZV hose routing, EZV hydraulic power packs, hydraulic parts, plow oil, plow controls, etc.

Cloud Company manufactures tank cleaning products and complex components since 1951.

Cloud Company   San Luis Obispo  United States
Cloud Company specializes in manufacturing tank cleaning products and complex components. Cloud works under two divisions, namely tank cleaning products division and our precision machining CNC division. Few of their products are machines for cleaning tanks and containers in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper pulp, tank truck, railcar, chemical tanker, oil tanker, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9003 standard.

Craft Metal Spinning   Warrington  United Kingdom
Craft Metal Spinning specializes in metal spinning. The company`s products include aerospace parts, architectural domes, cooking vessels, fans, table tops and bases, hemispheres, etc. Their services include hand spinning, PNC and CNC spinning, circle cutting, pressing, welding, and fabrication. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001.

Creative Controls Inc specializes in manufacturing handicapped driving equipments for more than 30 years.

Creative Controls Inc    United States
Creative Controls Inc manufactures handicapped driving equipments. Their products include hand controls, quad controls, steering devices, pedal extenders, training brake, armstrong lifts, ramps, tie downs, etc.

Dayton Wire Products Inc manufactures various wire products since 1965.

Dayton Wire Products Inc    United States
Dayton Wire Products Inc specializes in manufacturing products made of wire, steel, brass, tubing, etc. The company produces restaurant equipments, store fixtures, card spinners, etc.

Eco-Clean Inc is a metal preparation and stripping services company, which provides clean operation and supplies metal preparation services

Eco-Clean Inc    United States
Eco-Clean Inc is a metal preparation and stripping services company specializes in providing clean operation and supplying metal preparation services include the stripping of paint and rust from metal parts and assemblies. Their services include polyester and epoxy powder, e coat and urethanes, plastic coatings, rust, etc.

Fourway Machinery Sales Inc is a full line stocking distributor of screw machines since 1963.

Fourway Machinery Sales Inc    United States
Fourway Machinery Sales Inc supplies metal working equipments, and screw machines. Their products are one-piece splash guards, silent stock reel enclosures for acme gridley, national acme taper bearing conversion kits, and repair parts

Gibson Parts and Equipment Inc manufactures abrasive blast equipment and supplies replacement parts.

Gibson Parts and Equipment Inc   Sheridan  United States
Gibson Parts and Equipment Inc specializes in manufacturing abrasive blast equipment and supplying replacement parts. Their equipments include blast wheel assemblies, rubber mill belts, elevator belts, abrasive valve assemblies, cabinet liners, etc.

Harmony Hollow Bell Works   Ann Arbor  United States
Harmony Hollow Bell Works provides friendship bell, housewarming bell, anniversary bell, retirement bell, remembrance bell, peace bell, freedom bell, thank you bell, gardener bell, christmas bell, etc.

Industrial Cleaning Systems Inc supplies industrial cleaning products.

Industrial Cleaning Systems Inc    United States
Industrial Cleaning Systems Inc specializes in supplying industrial cleaning products. Few of their products include ultrasonic cleaning systems, gravure and printing roll cleaning, agitated parts such as washers, cabinetized washers, cleaning spinnerettes and pack assemblies, and filter elements.

Janed Enterprises Inc specializes in manufacturing chemicals since 1972.

Janed Enterprises Inc    United States
Janed Enterprises Inc manufactures variety of chemicals. Their products include aqueous cleaning, acid and neutral cleaners, alkaline cleaners, aluminum safe cleaners, vibratory finishing, phosphating and chemical treatment, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers and rinse aids, metal forming fluids, , synthetic, semi synthetic, oil based, coolants, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000.

JB Lures Inc provides variety of fishing tackle products.

JB Lures Inc    United States
JB Lures Inc provides a wide variety of fishing tackle for open water and icefishing. The company also provides online store.

Laurell Technologies Corporation manufactures spin processing equipment since 1985.

Laurell Technologies Corporation   North Wales  United States
Laurell Technologies Corporation specializes in manufacturing spin processing equipments. Their products include spin processor, wafer dispensers, syringes, dryers, etc.

Mechanical Finishing Inc provides metal finishing, deburring, and parts cleaning services for automotive, food service, and tool industries since 1992.

Mechanical Finishing Inc    United States
Mechanical Finishing Inc specializes in offering metal finishing, deburring, and parts cleaning services for automotive, food service, and tool industries. They offer controlled dimensional deburring, descaling, cleaning, rust removal, parts polishing, surface finish improvement, development of non reflective surfaces, and more services.

OLM Enterprises distributes variety of new and used reconditioned semiconductor equipment, vacuum and fluid dispensing pumps and mass flow controllers.

OLM Enterprises    United States
OLM Enterprises specializes in distributing variety of new and used reconditioned semiconductor equipment, vacuum and fluid dispensing pumps and mass flow controllers. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Their products include leak detectors, veeco profiler system, implanters, sputterers, steppers, furnaces, film measurement, vacuum packaging equipment, inspection, transfer systems, precision fluid pumps, etc.

Southern Imperial Inc designs and manufactures display products for organizations since 1956.

Southern Imperial Inc   Rockford  United States
Southern Imperial Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing display products for organizations. Their products include display hooks, label holders, dividers, sign holders, banner holders, printed materials, strip retailers, fasteners, stock displays, accessories, and exhibitor.

Spraying Systems Co is a manufacturer of industrial spray products since 1937.

Spraying Systems Co   Carol Stream  United States
Spraying Systems Co specializes in manufacturing industrial spray products. Their products include liquid strainers, air atomizing nozzles, metal pretreatment nozzles, air control nozzles, automatic spray nozzles, custom lances and injectors, accessories, lubrication packages, etc.

Stimpson Co Inc manufactures variety of eyelets, grommet, and washers for various industrial applications since 1852.

Stimpson Co Inc    United States
Stimpson Co Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of eyelets, grommet, and washers for various industrial applications. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001. Their products include rolled flange, funnel flange, rolled rim grommet and washer, hole plugs, snap fasteners, hand drive tools, clamps, arrows, spinners, etc.

The Ewe Tree specializes in handspun yarn products.

The Ewe Tree    United States
The Ewe Tree manufactures handspun wool yarn products like: classic knitted garments, sweaters, socks, mittens, gloves and hats.



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