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A. Y. McDonald Mfg Co manufactures variety of valves for plumbing and industrial applications since 1856.

A. Y. McDonald Mfg Co    United States
A. Y. McDonald Mfg Co specializes in manufacturing wide range ofpumps, valves, and other items for plumbing and industrial applications. Few of their products are submersible pumps, duramac pump tanks, jet pumps, waste water pumps, sump pumps, combo sump pump check valve, full flow sump pump check valve, union swing check valve, union swing check socket ball valve combo, gas valve, ball valve, gates, thermoplastic valves and fittings, etc.

Actuatech manufactures actuators for quarter turn valve control.

Actuatech    Italy
Actuatech specializes in manufacturing actuators for quarter turn valve control. Their products include scotch yoke pneumatic actuators with scotch yoke system. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO9001:2000.

CH Products manufactures gameport, trackballs, and USB controllers.

CH Products    United States
CH Products specializes in manufacturing gameport, trackballs and USB controllers for computer games, education, and simulations. Their product line includes gaming joysticks, industrial joysticks, and trackballs.

China Perfect manufactures and supplies heavy duty truck parts and automotive parts since 1992.

China Perfect    China
China Perfect specializes in manufacturing and supplying heavy duty truck parts and automotive parts. Their products include material handling equipment and parts, hand tools and electric tools, air system and brakes, drive line, steering system, transmission and clutch, etc.

Daniels Insurance Agency Inc provides insurance for business, home and for vehicles.

Daniels Insurance Agency Inc   Shrewsbury  United States
Daniels Insurance Agency Inc is a service provider, which specializes in offering various insurances for business, home, car, auto and other vehicles.

Duroshox is a manufacturer of automotive parts since 1986.

Duroshox   Pune  India
Duroshox is an ISO 9001 certified company and also in the process of implementing TS 16949 quality systems. The company manufactures products like: shock absorbers, gas springs, auto electrical, forgings, dye casting, coil springs, hand tools, sheet metal pressing, and other products.

Cesare Bonetti S.p.A manufactures valves and liquid level indicators since 1905.

esare Bonetti S.p.A    Italy
esare Bonetti S.p.A specializes in manufacturing valves and liquid level indicators. Their products include pressure valves, bellows sealed valves, piston valves, ball valves, level indicators, magnetic level gauges, and glass level gauges. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Holyoke Machine Company is a manufacturer and distributor of castings and shafting products since 1863.

Holyoke Machine Company    United States
Holyoke Machine Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing castings and shafting products. They offer lathes, roll grinders, balancer, giddings and Lewis horizontal boring mill, bridgeport boring mill, Bullard vertical boring mill, king vertical boring mill, drills, etc.

Johnson Power Limited is a service provider specializing in the manufacture of universal joint and driveshaft for more than 60 years.

Johnson Power Limited   Broadview  United States
Johnson Power Limited is a service provider specializing in the manufacture of universal joint and driveshaft. They also offer services like repair of papermill, and wastewater. They specialize in the manufacture of products like gewes, kempf, kovo, lobro, nakamura jico, voith, etc.

Khushbu Engineers produces various honing machines since 1994.

Khushbu Engineers    India
Khushbu Engineers specializes in manufacturing and marketing honing machines. Their products include electro discharge machine, cylinder boring machine, universal testing machines, hardness testing machines, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering designs and manufactures magnetic equipments since 1959.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering   Nerviano (Milan)  Italy
Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing various magnetic equipments. Their products include mangetizers, coils and fixtures, custom systems, fluxmeters, tensiometers, helmhltz coils, gaussmeters, current meters, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

M And M Fabricators Corp distributes steel and aluminum parts since 1984.

M And M Fabricators Corp    United States
M And M Fabricators Corp specializes in distributing steel and aluminum parts. Few of their products and services include drive shaft services, steel and aluminum fabricated parts, and class A and class B chassis work.

MagnaMagic supplies magnetic paint.

MagnaMagic    United States
MagnaMagic specializes in supplying magnetic paint. Their products include activewall magnetic paint, magnetic chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, tintable chalkboard paint, number and letter magnets, creative magnet play, magnet by the foor, etc.

Magnet Sales and Manufacturing Company Inc provides total magnetic solutions since 1955.

Magnet Sales and Manufacturing Company Inc    United States
Magnet Sales and Manufacturing Company Inc specializes in providing total magnetic solutions for engineering assistance, stock and custom magnets, and complete magnetic sub assemblies in prototype to production quantities. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001.

Miles Platts Ltd supplies injection moulds for more than 30 years.

Miles Platts Ltd    United Kingdom
Miles Platts Ltd specializes in supplying injection moulds. Few of their products include ferrite coil formers, lamination bobbins, toroid mounts, terminals, clips, insulation covers, boxes and T pieces, and miscellaneous. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.



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